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Samsung Two Foldable Devices, Samsung Galaxy X1 and Galaxy X1 Plus Images and Details Leak

Rumours of Samsung working on a foldable smartphone that might be marketed under the name Galaxy X having been making rounds int he news for sometime now. Now, then names Galaxy X1 and Galaxy X1 Plus have been leaked and proposed to be the foldable devices Samsung plans to introduce into the smartphone market. SEE ALSO : NOKIA Officially Announces First Android ... Read More »

Samsung To Launch Galaxy A 2017 On The 5th Of January

The Smartphone company according to information reaching us have started sending out media invites for an event scheduled to hold on the 5th of January. Looking at the invite above, it is an actual confirmation that media houses and guests invited would most likely witness the Samsung Galaxy A series (2017) unveiled. READ MORE: Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) Price In Nigeria, ... Read More »

Huawei Ships Over 10 Million P9 & P9 Plus Units


So we’re now at the end of the year and it’s that period when companies begin to reflect on the entire year to determine where exactly they stand in the scheme of things – the phone industry to be specific. While Samsung who took a hit earlier this year still reported a profit, which they made by selling some other ... Read More »

T-Mobile Releases OTA Update To Kill Remaining Note 7 Units

Samsung to lose $17 billion over note 7 debacle

My first question here is why would anyone still be using a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 unit at this time despite all the risks they know they are putting themselves at. Well, i guess we’ve been through all that before now, so its time to leave them all to their deeds. Still yet, in no time, no single individual would ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) Price In Nigeria, China, Specs And Review

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) price in Nigeria, China, specs and review

It is already seeming like the year 2017 would be much much better than 2016 – i really do hope so – when it comes to the smartphone world. The different phone makers have all lined up a variety of smart phones with very different specs – both discouraging and spirit lifting specs. We’re really expecting some real phones next ... Read More »

Samsung To Record An Increase In Q4 Operating Profits, Despite Note 7 Fiasco

Sansung Galaxy Note 7, Samsung selling share in tech firms

Normally, one would think the year 2016 would be a year not to forget for Samsung but it seems they might not even remember it at all. Recall that Samsung’s promising smartphone, the Galaxy Note 7 which was launched some months back was involved in a battery explosion spree. It kept exploring to the extent that the parent company had ... Read More »

Nokia Sues Apple For Patent Right Infringement

Nokia vs Apple

Nokia has been making headlines of recent which should not be a matter to be questioned as they are about to release their first Nokia Android smartphones cum February. What should be questioned is the type of headlines they are making. While there are headlines which revolve round their soon-to-be launched phones, there are also some which suggests a publicity ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge Price In Nigeria, Specs And Review

Samsung galaxy J3 Emerge price in Nigeria, specs and review

With recent Samsung’s encounter in the smartphone industry in 2016, I’m pretty sure they’ll be planning something big and hopefully, special for 2017. This year was a year of ups and downs for the company, the most notable ‘down’ moment being the Note 7 debacle where they had no choice then to recall over 90% of the smartphone from the ... Read More »

Despite Recall, Note 7 Usage Still Surpasses All LG V20s

Samsung to lose $17 billion over note 7 debacle

Wait, is it just me or at the people we are about to talk about are actually careless risk takers? Well, I hope we all do remember our dear Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device which died a natural death some months back due to its ability to replace a grenade or probably even a bomb. It is seeming to us ... Read More »

Huawei Overtake Samsung As World’s Most Profitable Android Smartphone Maker

Huawei Overtake Samsung

I guess it was just a matter of time before one of the global  Android brands overtook Samsung as the biggest Android smartphone manufacturer. That honor has gone Huawei of China. The overhauling of Samsung was expected due to the problems the company faced with the flagship Galaxy Note 7 devices. Samsung lost big in terms of prestige and profits. ... Read More »