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500 Million Yahoo Accounts Hacked

Yahhoo account details hacked

¬†Yahoo confirmed that about 500 million account details were hacked from their server two years ago. The company has done the unusual by bullishly shifting the blame on some faceless government agency. In effect, Yahoo is saying this security breach is a conspiracy by powerful people determined to get some information from Yahoo servers. In other words, they were powerless ... Read More »

Google To Make Life Uncomfortable For Unsecured Websites

Unencrypted websites, Google chrome 56, HTTS, HTTP

Most people hardly care if the website they visit is secure or not. Hardly anybody looks at the url of each website to know if they are going into a secure site or not. But as from January next year, Google is going to make users of Chrome browser aware of that fact. From January, any website or blog that ... Read More »

How Not To Be A Hacker; Two Teenagers Arrested For DDoS Attacks

DDoS attack, internet security

Two Israeli teenagers have been arrested by the US FBI for running a service that helped paying clients to target websites with distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. According to the initial report which came out two days ago, Itay Huri and Yarden Bidani were put under house arrest by Israeli security on the request of the FBI over massive ... Read More »

Dropbox Was Really Hacked! 60 Million Account Details Stolen

dropbox accounts hacked

Dropbox must be covered in shame after it emerged that 60 million account details were hacked backed in 2012. It was just last week they sent emails to accounts holders to upgrade their login details. Then, the folks at Dropbox claimed all pre-2012 account holders should effect the change as a precautionary measure, not because users accounts have been hacked. ... Read More »

Security Alert! Drobox Asks Millions Of Users To Change Passwords

dropbox passwords

Dropbox, one of the world’s biggest file hosting services, is asking users who opened accounts before 2012 to update their login details, especially passwords as soon as possible.¬†The message was conveyed to all users affected through an email the company sent out. I guess sending emails is a nice touch instead of expecting people to read of the notification on ... Read More »

Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey’s Vine And Twitter Accounts Hacked!

Twitter, GIF

The chief executive of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, has had his Twitter and Vine accounts hacked by the notorious group, OurMine Security. OurMine Security is really gaining notoriety with the way it goes after the social accounts of the biggest names it can possibly hacked. Just Two weeks ago, they successfully hacked the Twitter and Quora accounts of Google CEO, Sundar ... Read More »

How to Choose A Good Antivirus For Your Computer

Antivirus, Malwares, Computers

Most people who own a computer and spend a bit of time online know that they need to be protected from threats. This is common knowledge. And more common is the fact we need good antivirus to have a worry-free life on the internet as we browse, surf the net or just simply using our computer for any mundane every ... Read More »

Sundar Pichai, Google CEO’S Quora Account Hacked!!

Quora, sudar pichai

A ridiculous situation is developing at Quora. Three situations actually. The first is that Sundar Pichai’s (CEO of Google) Quora account has being hacked. The second situation concerns the hacker’s claim a vulnerability was found on Quora. And the third is Quora denying it. Sundar Pichai’s Quora Account Hacked It is now the trending news on online media. After the ... Read More »

Twitter Hacked? 32 Million Hacked Accounts Doesn’t Mean ‘Yes’

Twitter hacked

Has Twitter being hacked?’ That is a very germane question. In the light of the recent news that several celebrities had their accounts hacked, it is a legitimate question to ask. Even billionaire, and CEO of Facebook would be really interested in knowing the answer to that question. And to ruffle more Twitter feathers, LeakedSource, a website that specializes in ... Read More »

Social Accounts: How To Secure Them and Avoid Zuckerberg’s Fate (2)

social accounts

The concluding part of how “not to be like Mark Zuckerberg“ will focus on two more things you can do about ensuring the safety of your social accounts. You may think taking more precautions after the first part of this piece is an overkill. However, even if you’re really careful, one of the facts of life is that mistakes are ... Read More »