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Facebook Lied To Make Money On Video Ads For Two Years!!

Facebook video ads

If Facebook had their way, an explanatory piece posted on Facebook Business website would have stayed hidden there and nobody would have been the wiser about how Facebook over the last two years, have been inflating their video stats to make advertisers feel compelled to pay more for ads. But the internet been the internet, sooner or later, things bubble ... Read More »

Adblock Plus Have Now Seen The Light Of Online Ads!!

Adblock now sell ads

This news would come as a surprise to the more than 100 million users of Adblock Plus, the biggest ad blocking software in the world. For those who are wondering, Adblock Plus help users who install the software on their browsers as add-ons to stop seeing annoying ads. Now the surprise is, Adblock Plus is now going to start making ... Read More »

Adblock Plus Vs Facebook Is Now Classic Online David vs Goliath

Facebook, Adblock Plus, ad-blockers, online ads

Facebook’s campaign against ad-blocking softwares has finally narrowed down to a battle between Facebook and Adblock Plus. Remember, Adblock Plus was quick to react to Facebook’s attempt to make sure ad-blockers don’t work on the web version of Facebook. Adblock promised to find a way around the Facebook code that stopped their software from working. Apparently, yesterday, while all decent ... Read More »

You Can’t Stop Us! Adblock Plus Dares Facebook In Online Ads War

Adblock Plus, ads blockers, Facebook

You just knew in your mind that Adblock Plus would definitely react to Facebook disabling ads on the web version of Facebook. It is how they roll at Adblock Plus. They love taking on the big firms. Earlier in the year, in one of the battles between Samsung and Google, Google banned Samsung’s updated mobile browser from Play Store because ... Read More »

Facebook Goes Tough On Ads Blocking Softwares On Web Version

Facebook, Adblock Plus, ad-blockers, online ads

Facebook yesterday announced their decision to stop the use of ad blocking softwares on the web version of Facebook. What this means is that even if you installed an ad blocker for obvious reasons, it is not going to work. You are still going to see the ads on Facebook. Does that mean the ad blocking softwares don’t work? No, ... Read More »

Facebook Live Videos Would Soon Start Featuring Ads

Facebook Live ads

If you are on Facebook a lot, you must have come across a live streaming event on Facebook. They are becoming a big part of the Facebook culture since Facebook Live was launched at the beginning of the year. Facebook Live owes some of its popularity to the simple fact that Facebook used their financial muscles to encourage A list ... Read More »

Millions Of Bloggers To Start Making Money On Tumblr

Tumblr blogging, online ads,

Bloggers on Tumblr, one of the biggest microblogging sites in the world, would be happy to hear that ads would soon start to appear on their blogs. Ads mean money. Money means more incentive to push out quality contents. That is how the online world of free internet works. However, bloggers are advised not to rejoice immediately though. In the short ... Read More »

Ad Blocking Softwares Use Rises; Threatening The Future Of Free Internet

ad blocking softwares

The recent report that there is a steep rise in the use of ad blocking software would be worrying for brands who rely on online ads as a marketing tool. The report implicated smartphones users the most in these trend. According to the report, compared to last year, the number of ad blocking softwares in smartphones has risen by about ... Read More »

Micrsoft’s Edge Browser Will Not Have In-Built Ad-blocker

Microsoft’s Edge browser was in the news the last couple of days. The news was all about the ad-blocker to be built into Edge browser. It is big news to have a native ad-blocker installed in a Web browser because for now, all popular browsers like Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox don’t have it. If you want annoying ads to ... Read More »

Uninstalling Ad-blocker Softwares Would Safeguard Free Internet


If you spend a lot of time online, then you are conversant with online ads. Those sometimes, rather intrusive ads that appear on your current Web page; forcing you to click on them before they disappear. I detest them. And I have never met anyone who loves these sort of online ads. And if like me you know your way ... Read More »