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Wireless Headphone Explodes On Woman’s Head While Asleep

Headphones explode on woman while asleep

Now, I’m getting scared already thinking that 2016 would have a repeat of itself in this year. Recall that series of explosions occurred via the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone last year, making them recall the device twice. After then, we witnessed some cases of iPhone explosions too. But today, a less suspectable piece has exploded. READ MORE: Partner Mobile PS2 Price In ... Read More »

Apple To Debut First Ever Wireless Charging Feature With iPhone 8

iPhone 7 money wasted

If trends are to be followed squarely and rumors/reports are to be held with any form of credibility, then it is expected that   Apple  launches the iPhone 8 later this year. Some have even reported that they are expected to launch three different phones this year. Well, its not the launching that is our problem now, its what comes ... Read More »

T-Mobile Releases OTA Update To Kill Remaining Note 7 Units

Samsung to lose $17 billion over note 7 debacle

My first question here is why would anyone still be using a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 unit at this time despite all the risks they know they are putting themselves at. Well, i guess we’ve been through all that before now, so its time to leave them all to their deeds. Still yet, in no time, no single individual would ... Read More »

Samsung To Record An Increase In Q4 Operating Profits, Despite Note 7 Fiasco

Sansung Galaxy Note 7, Samsung selling share in tech firms

Normally, one would think the year 2016 would be a year not to forget for Samsung but it seems they might not even remember it at all. Recall that Samsung’s promising smartphone, the Galaxy Note 7 which was launched some months back was involved in a battery explosion spree. It kept exploring to the extent that the parent company had ... Read More »

Despite Recall, Note 7 Usage Still Surpasses All LG V20s

Samsung to lose $17 billion over note 7 debacle

Wait, is it just me or at the people we are about to talk about are actually careless risk takers? Well, I hope we all do remember our dear Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device which died a natural death some months back due to its ability to replace a grenade or probably even a bomb. It is seeming to us ... Read More »

Samsung Belatedly Responds To Reports OF Galaxy S7 Edge Fires

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Fires

Would Samsung ever catch a break since the Note 7 debacle that lead to the final, permanent killing of the phablet? The latest bad news is that some Galaxy S7 Edge are also catching fire.   The question is why now? This is a question Samsung is trying to respond to, to douse the tension building up in people who ... Read More »

“We Welcome All Switchers” – Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook

Samsung customers might switch to apple

Apple recently announced its results for its fiscal fourth quarter – precisely yesterday. With 45.4 million units sold, the company is slightly below last year’s number of 48.04 million phones sold in Q4, but still topped Wall Street analysts’ expectations of 44.8 million. >> Apple To Report Drop In Revenue For First Time Since 2001 Well, one cannot but imagine the ... Read More »

Photo; Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Units Still Selling In Hong Kong

$100 discount Samsung devices Note 7

For the past weeks now, maybe even months, the only news we’ve been hearing and reading about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is how it exploded, destroyed properties and even hurt the owners, an action which has led Samsung to recall the device twice finding no remedy to the situation as they themselves are in the dark as to what ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Explodes While Charging

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge explodes while charging

As everyday passes by, we tend to become more astonished at the news we hear. After all attention has been shifted from the exploding spree by the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, a new exploding device is here and its not even in the Note series. According to genuine reports, a two week old Samsung Galaxy S7 edge exploded while its ... Read More »

Samsung Won’t Pay For Any Damages Caused By Note 7 Explosions

Exploding Galaxy Note 7

According to reports, and true life stories too, Samsung isn’t paying for any damage caused by an exploding Galaxy Note 7 unit. This is coming after the series of warnings from the smartphone giant to its customers to return every Note 7 unit in their possession, though some people have decided to keep it and hope to God it doesn’t ... Read More »