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Nokia 6 Smartphone Sold Out In One Minute

Sometimes, you don’t just have or know the right word to use when a particular event occurs. This is exactly the case with what I am about to tell you and sincerely, I am really short of words. Read more; VERY DURABLE! Nokia 6 Android Smartphone Cracks A Walnut – Video Recall that a few weeks ago, longtime phone market leaders, ... Read More »

VERY DURABLE! Nokia 6 Android Smartphone Cracks A Walnut – Video

Nokia 6 Android smartphone images

It isn’t news anymore that Nokia just released their first phone this year – the Nokia 6 Android smartphone. Well, to me, it seems they have decided to carry us back memory lane, back to the days of the strong legendary Nokia 3310 that amongst other things, can be used to “pluck a fruit from its tree” as the durability ... Read More »

Pictures Only: See Images Of The Nokia 6 Android Smartphone

So Nokia just launched a smartphone,  though available in only China for now,  we have decided to feed you with photos of the phone while we await it’s availability in our own part of the world.   Many have opined that The design for the Nokia 6 looks premium for a mid-range –  I think I’ll totally agree with that line of thought.  But then,  while we are,  feed your ... Read More »

Nokia To Launch Up To Five (5) Phones In 2017

Nokia android smartphones

Nokia is really trying to put up a fightback which they will do in 2017 to get back to the hearts of phone users – in this case, smartphone users – just as they were some years ago – before 2004. Their strategy to achieve this might be what they are currently planning to do as reports has it that ... Read More »

Nokia Sues Apple For Patent Right Infringement

Nokia vs Apple

Nokia has been making headlines of recent which should not be a matter to be questioned as they are about to release their first Nokia Android smartphones cum February. What should be questioned is the type of headlines they are making. While there are headlines which revolve round their soon-to-be launched phones, there are also some which suggests a publicity ... Read More »

Nokia 150 Price In Nigeria, Specs And Review

Nokia 150 price and review in Nigeria

Just when we thought is all over for Nokia, these guys come up again. The truth is that, Nokia have died many times, now I am thinking that 2017 will be an interesting thing for phones, and my focus now being Nokia. We are all aware that the right of Nokia branded phones was sold for a certain company sometimes ... Read More »

See Rumored Images Of Nokia’s First Android Smartphones

Nokia android smartphones

It surely isn’t news anymore that our first love, Nokia would be leveling up with modern day realities and launching some phones, smartphones this time around, cum February next year. So if you’re thinking of getting one of the two phones for yourself, here’s a little clue, in pictures of course, of what you’ll be dealing with. Read more; See The Prices ... Read More »

See The Prices Of The New 2017 Nokia Android Phones

Nokia D1C

“Today marks a happy and important day for HMD. Nokia has been one of the most iconic and recognisable phone brands globally for decades. The excitement of re-introducing this much-loved, well-known and trusted brand to smartphone consumers is a responsibility and an ambition that everyone at HMD shares.” Above were the words of HMD CEO, Arto Nummela when he announced ... Read More »

Is Google Involved In Developing The New Nokia Phones?

Chrysler-made SUVs, Google self-driving cars

According to reports which could be termed valid, our very own Google might be involved in the development of the new Nokia phones which would be launched in a few months to come,  hopefully, next year. The things is, we do not know the meaning of “involved” yet. Could they be helpful in the manufacturing, or they are into some ... Read More »

Nokia-Branded Android Phones To Be Released In 2017

Nokia logo

Recall that Microsoft bought the Devices & Services division of Nokia, and then subsequently ran it into the ground. Also, it placed a contract clause that no Nokia-branded phones can be released up to 30 months after the deal. Well, they have had a pretty long wait and that period came and went back in September, and the Nokia logo ... Read More »