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UNSOLICITED MESSAGES: How To Make Your Telco Pay A N5 Million Fine

ncc office

Are you tired of receiving unsolicited messages from your network providers already? Then I guess it is your time to smile as the hated NCC has at long last, come to our rescue. According to the newest update, you can now report any network provider sending unsolicited messages to you as NCC are about to invoke the ‘Do Not Disturb’ ... Read More »

Communications Minister Advises Nigerians To Brace Up For Data Hike

I don’t still know the reason why this is a topic for consideration at all. Why in God’s name would anyone hike data prices in a time of recession like this – only in Nigeria. Well, our recent jubilations are about to be cut short as our dear minister of communications, Adebayo Shittu has in his pool of kindness and ... Read More »

Top 10 Reactions To The Proposed Data Hike


These were some funny reactions from Nigerians on twitter over the rumour of a plan to increase the amount of data in all Nigeria network providers   The increase in the data tariff is a big and serious issue for Nigerians, but trust some Nigerians on Twitter to provide comic relief to the whole situation. Here are the best I ... Read More »

NCC Suspends Data Price Hike

After the Nigerian Senate asked the Nigerian Communications Commission to stop the planned data tariff hike – I’m sure Nigerians would shower them with praises for this – , I guess their order has been followed to the core as the NCC has now suspended the data price hike, at least for now, as that is what ‘suspends’ mean. READ MORE; NCC ... Read More »

NCC Give 1 Week Ultimatum To Networks Over ‘Do Not Disturb’ (DND) Service

NCC give networks ultmatum over DND

The Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) went on the offensive again to try and deal with a problem that is proving intractable to them: unsolicited calls and messages to subscribers. Unsolicited calls and messages from networks and from third parties working together with these network providers became so rampart it could be termed harassment. Apart from harassing subscribers with these calls ... Read More »

MTN Has Paid Part Of Its Fine But…

MTN logo

As it stands now, the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, has not received any part of the fine imposed on the telecommunication company MTN. According to reports, this is because the Office of the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF) has not remitted the funds. Out of the total amount imposed on them, the telecommunication giant has paid N80 billion – ... Read More »

MTN Nigeria Might Pull Out Of Visafone Deal

MTN might pullout of visa fine deal

According to very recent reports, MTN is considering pulling the plug on the $220m Visafone deal. They are having that conversation because the NCC woke up one day and “ruled” that the broadband spectrum shouldn’t be included in the acquisition deal. Apparently, it will “increase their dominance” The Nigerian Communications Commission ruled last week that taking control of the spectrum ... Read More »

Innjoo Mobile Fined N4 Million By NCC For Selling Unapproved Smartphones

Innjoo mobile fined N4million by NCC

On Tuesday, the office of InnJoo mobile in Lagos was raided by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) for selling unauthorised mobile phones to the public. InnJoo was handed a fine of N4 million by the NCC for violating its orders and the company reportedly paid the money in cash on the spot. According to NCC, the kind of unapproved smartphones ... Read More »

NCC Seals Off Nokia’s Office In Lekki, Lagos

Ncc seals Nokia office in lekki, lagos

The Nokia office in the Lekki part of Lagos that makes telecommunications equipment for major telecom service providers has been sealed up by the Nogerian Communication Commission, NCC for failure to pay N2million sales and installation license under the category. According to Salisu Abdul, the enforcement unit of the telecom regulatory authority, “It is criminal for any service provider to ... Read More »

Full Profile Of NCC New Chairman, Senator Olabiyi Durojaiye

sen-duro new ncc chairman

President Muhammadu Buhari has just appointed former senator olabiyi durojaiye as the new chairman of the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC). For those who would be meeting or hearing about him for the very first time, we have brought to your fingertips most of the very important things you might want to know.   FULL NAME: Olabiyi Durojaiye (He also uses the tribal title Otunba as a pre-nominal style, thereby highlighting his position as a chieftain of the Yoruba people). OCCUPATION: He has a degree in economics but can be mostly referred to as a politician. He was elected Senator for the Ogun East constituency of Ogun State, Nigeria at the start of the Nigerian Fourth Republic, running on the Alliance for Democracy (AD) ... Read More »