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The Best Android and iPhone Apps Of 2016 (Concl)

best android iphone apps 2016

This is the concluding part of the series on the best app of 2016. Read the first part here. The second and third parts can be found here and here respectively. Google Allo Launched this year, Google Allo is a messaging app that wants the world to ignore the likes of WhatsApp. How is that possible? By integrating Google Assistant ... Read More »

The Best Android and iPhone Apps Of 2016 (3)

best android iphone apps 2016

This is the third part on the best mobile apps of 2016. You can read the first and second parts here and here respectively. Google Translate Google Translate has been around for so long it is a wonder it is not as popular as the very best free apps or softwares. I guess one reason is because Google Translate, though ... Read More »

The Best Android and iPhones Apps Of 2016 (1)

best android iphone apps 2016

It is that time of the year again where we look back and take stock of the year that is just about to end. As usual, apps played a major role in the world of tech. Some apps came with lots of promises. Some fell by the way side after starting off with with a bang. The world of apps ... Read More »

Video Streaming Feature Comes To WhatsApp At Last

WhatsApp video streaming feature

This happens most of the time with WhatsApp users; I’m positive you’d nod your head in agreement by the time I’m done painting the picture in your mind. You are chatting with a friend or a loved one on WhatsApp. They send you a video they feel you ought to watch because it is germane to the discussion going on. ... Read More »

Twitter CEO’s Account Got Suspended Today; What Happened?!

Twitter CEO account suspended, Jack dorsey

For a brief period today, the world thought Twitter had finally thrown in the towel or are in the final stages of doing so. How else would one explain the fact that for some time, people who tried to view Jack Dorsey’s (CEO of Twitter) Twitter timeline saw the customary message that follows the suspension of an account? Perhaps, some ... Read More »

Manage Facebook, Instagram & Facebook Messenger With Just One App

Updated inbox pages manager facebook

Facebook yesterday launched a new feature that would be greatly welcome by Social Media managers. Especially if the social media managers are handling the accounts of big companies and in many cases medium or small companies with a large number of followers. The new feature is in the inbox of the Pages Manager app which brings together all Facebook’s social ... Read More »

Snapchat Begs Wall Street For $4 Billion In IPO Filing

Snapchat $4 billion IPO

Almost exactly five weeks to the day Snapchat made a double announcement of Spectacles and a name change to a more corporate sounding Snapchat Inc; and the possibility of an IPO in March next year; the company finally filed papers with the relevant authorities that would value the company at $25 billion. The IPO for the fast growing company seeks ... Read More »

Finally! Video Call Feature Is Now Official On WhatsApp For Everybody

Video call feature WhatsAPP all platforms

WhatsApp video calling is now finally official. It is now open to everybody no matter the device you are using and what part of the world you are. That has to be emphasized because in the last couple of months, the idea of WhatsApp video calling features had made the rounds. The recent was a beta version made available to ... Read More »

Instagram Bring 3 New Exciting Features To Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories three new features

It is no news that Facebook have being copying all kinds of Snapchat features and integrating them into their own products. One of the earliest features stolen from Snapchat was the Instagram Stories launched about three months ago. Three months later, Facebook can now beat their chest in self-congratulatory gestures for the success of Instagram Stories. Now they have introduced ... Read More »

3 Awesome Android Apps To Block Unwanted Calls & Text Messages

call-blocking apps, Call Blocker, Mr.Number, Calls Blacklist - Call Blocker

We all (at least many people are aware) know of the Do Not Disturb (DND) code the Nigeria Communications Commission forced our network providers to introduce. The aim was to protect users from unsolicited text messages. For the network providers, it wasn’t in their best interest to publicize that service. So in spite of the fact you can stop unsolicited ... Read More »