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Microsoft To Stop The Use Of Passwords

LinkedIn to be blocked in Russia

Do you hate ever forgetting your passwords for the different platforms you’re on, or the different gadgets you use, and you keep cracking your brain until you cannot even remember anything? Then, my friend, Microsoft might have just come to your aid as they have decided to look away from the conventional use of passwords. READ MORE: “Microsoft To Become The ... Read More »

Apple Is No Longer A Top Brand

French man smashes iPhones, Mac

“Oh! How have the mighty fallen” would be a perfect exclamation phrase for what you are about to read now while keeping in mind that in business, you either be proactive or get kicked put of the market, if not entirely, to a larger extent. READ MORE: Apple Launches New Red iPhones, Introduces iPad Once upon a time, about four years ... Read More »

Microsoft’s Edge Browser, Most Hacked At Pwn20wn 2017 Hacking Event

Microsoft Edge

I believe the issue of security should be taken pretty or very serious when it comes to applications that can obtain users details. I guess with this report you are about to read, it is obvious that Microsoft has not really taken it seriously, but Big daddy Google sure has. READ MORE: “Microsoft To Become The First Trillion Dollar Company” At ... Read More »

Microsoft Has A New Head For Middle East & Africa

MUST READ: TECHPRODUCTS’ FEBRUARY TECH DOSE Something remarkable occurred today at Microsoft, as power has changed hands following the announcement of Samer Abu Ltaif as the president of its Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. Read more: “Microsoft To Become The First Trillion Dollar Company” Mr. Samer Ramez Abu-Ltaif has been Regional General Manager of Microsoft Gulf FZ LLC since November 2010. Mr. ... Read More »

Google And Bing To Tackle Illegal Pirate Websites

Google hire Amazon executive, David Foster, Google Hardware division

When it comes to piracy of anything, I believe every country have their own story to tell. Ranging from movie piracy, to content piracy and so on. But then, Nigeria as a country has more stories to tell on this matter. Read more: Google’s Women TechMakers Meetup Debuts in Nigeria; See The Host Well, since we don’t take it too serious ... Read More »

“Microsoft To Become The First Trillion Dollar Company”

LinkedIn to be blocked in Russia

Right now, tech companies are one of the biggest in the world, and their owners, some of the richest people on this planet. People like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Larry Page are all owners or CEOs of tech companies and all three of them are on the 1st ten billionaires list. Tech actually pays. Read more; Microsoft Angry At Google For ... Read More »

Microsoft Angry At Google For Revealing Serious Security Flaw In Windows

Google reveal security vulnerability windows

The folks at Microsoft are not happy that Google decided to tell the world that Windows  has an easily exploitable vulnerability through Adobe Flash. As far as Microsoft is concerned, the people at Google are snitches for giving out the info. In a statement to The Verge, a spokesperson for Microsoft said that this ….disclosure by Google puts customers at ... Read More »

Microsft Windows’ Paint Software Finally Gets An Update In Windows 10

Paint software updated, Windows 10

Microsoft’s Paint is on of those softwares on my Windows laptop I use a lot. If you are a graphics experts, you’d wonder why I use something as basic as Microsoft Paint instead of editing suites like Photoshop. Well, since I am not a graphics expert, or a professional who needs very advance features to create or edit images, Paint ... Read More »

Windows 10 Hits 400 Million Installs

Windows hit 400 Million installs

Windows 10 is now running on 400 million active devices worldwide, Microsoft has announced. This is a significant milestone for the OS, considering troubled adoption rates on mobile. “Active devices”, in this case, are defined as devices that have been active in the last 28 days. The number of installs has grown quite a bit since May, when Microsoft hit ... Read More »

Certifications And Nigeria’s Problem Of Unemployable Graduates


TAGS: comptia a+, certification a+, certification online, microsoft certification courses free, microsoft certification training, basic computer training, best it certifications 2016 ,it certifications in demand, comptia certification   For years now, it’s been a constant struggle for Nigeria university graduates to get jobs in top companies and organization, bulk of the reasons has been related to poor qualifications, not grades ... Read More »