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10 Important Tips And Tricks To Make Google’s Allo Very Useful (concl)

Google Allo tips and tricks

This is the concluding part of the wonderful things you can do with Google’s highly rated instant messaging app, Allo. Read the first part here Let Allo be your Weather man Weather technology has become so good you can use the internet to find out the weather in any part of the world. You get your answer quickly with a ... Read More »

10 Important Tips And Tricks To Make Google’s Allo Very Useful

Google Allo tips and tricks

Google launched Allo, the instant messaging app with Google Assistant integrated into it, almost exactly a month ago. So far, the chat app has not disappointed users. Allo, like any other wonderful app, is the sort of app you discover new ways to make it work for you everyday; the more you use it, the better it gets. Or to ... Read More »

How To Do Maths, Conversions With CalcuBot FX Facebook Messenger Bot

CalcuBot FX Facebook Messenger bot

CalcuBot FX ¬†is a Facebook Messenger bot that would help you do any easy calculations right inside your Facebook Messenger. What this means is that your basic calculator app is about to go obsolete; that is, if you like doing simple sums and conversions and spending a lot of time with Facebook Messenger. If you spend lots of time chatting ... Read More »

Real Reason Facebook Canceled WhatsApp $1 Annual Subscription!

WhatsApp details, Facebook ads

Before we go into the reason or reasons businesses would now be allowed to invade our WhatsApp chats, I guess it is only proper to get some facts out of the way first for those who don’t know. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. And in case some missed the memo, Facebook is now a business determined to leverage on its ... Read More »

WhatsApp Killer, Allo, To Be Released Soon By Google; Brief Review

Google Allo Messaging app

At this year’s Google I/O conference¬†which was held earlier in the year, Google announced it was going to release a standalone messaging app, known as Allo, that is going to be different from Google Hangouts. The tentative date for the launch of the app was fixed for this summer. We are now in the summer and the tech world is ... Read More »

5 Important Ways You Can Use Facebook Messenger Apart From Chats

Important ways to use Facebook Messenger

In case you have not received the memo, Facebook is making it Mandatory for all Facebook users to download their Messenger chatting app. That is, if you want to continue exchanging messages with your Facebook contacts. Since there are no viable alternative to Facebook at the moment, you might as well download the Messenger app and learn how to use ... Read More »

Facebook Messenger Joins The Exclusive Group Of 1 Billion Users!!

Facebook, Messenger app, 1 billion users

Facebook Messenger app has now reached the one billion users mark. Making it the third app in the Facebook staple to hit the I billion user base. The other two are Facebook and WhatsApp. Another popular app owned by Zuckerberg and his team, Instagram, recently crossed the half a billion users mark. So watch out for it too. So if ... Read More »

Skype Introduces Offline File Transfer Up To 300MB In Latest Upgrade

Skype, VOIP, Skpe files

Microsoft are not relenting in their efforts to make Skype as relevant to our everyday lives as all other messaging apps out there. The latest upgrade to Skype announced by the tech giant now means you can now send files to your Skype contact even if the contact is Offline. If you are conversant with Skype, it’s okay if you ... Read More »

Snapchat Is Becoming Old School AS More Older People Use It


I don’t know if to just curl up and snigger non-stop at the almighty furore over the report by comScore that more and more non-teenagers are using the Snapchat app. So what you might ask? Well, the big deal about Snapchat is that it’s popularity is due mainly to the fact that it is the preferred messaging apps for teenagers. ... Read More »

Facebook Messenger Updates On Track To Making It The Best App

facebook, messenger

Facebook are far from being done with their messaging app, Messenger. Not by a long shot. As a matter of fact, David Marcus, the man in charge of the Messenger app team is in the news so much he might become more visible than CEO Mark Zuckerberg very soon. Four days ago, Facebook announced new changes and updates to the ... Read More »