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What To Know About LG’s Levitating Speaker – LG PJ9

LG Levitating speaker

Once upon a time, when people were tied down with the wires of their speakers, and movements were restricted. We are now in a tech era where anything and everything can connect wirelessly, ranging from Bluetooth enabled headphones, to smartphones to many other devices that supports the Bluetooth service. Read more; LG Unveils A VR Headset And An Android Smartphone Now ... Read More »

LG K3 (2017) Price In Nigeria, Specs And Review

LG K3 2017 price in Nigeria, specs and review

2017 is approaching and LG has been preparing to make it a fulfilling year for themselves too – we hope it is. They have decided to launch some smartphones next year, at the beginning to be precise at the Consumer Electronics Show which comes up on January 4th. Though some people have opined that most smartphones launched in Q1 – ... Read More »

LG K4 (2017) Price In Nigeria, Specs And Review

LG K4 2017 price in Nigeria spec and review

Since 2016 wasn’t too busy a year for LG, I guess they have decided that 2107 would be a very busy one. For them, 2017 would start being busy right from January 4th when they would be launching a series of phones at an event – the Consumer Electronics Show event. Some others would be waiting for thw world mobile ... Read More »

LG K8 (2017) Price In Nigeria, Kenya, Specs And Review

LG K8 (2017) price in Nigeria, Kenya, specs and review

If these three (3) LG phones – LG stylus 3, LG K10 (2017) and the LG K8 (2017) – were to be placed on a ranking scale, the LG stylus would surely come out on top in terms of specifications, size and almost every other thing else, which would be closely followed by the LG K10 (2017) and then the ... Read More »

LG K10 (2017) Price In Nigeria, Kenya, Specs And Review

LG K10 (2017) Price in Nigeria, Kenya, specs and review

So LG is planning to launch some smartphones by next year at an event – CES to be precise – which comes up around January 4th. While we all wait for that launch date to come upon us, I want to present to you one of the phones which would be present at the launch event, and would actually be ... Read More »

LG Stylus 3 Price In Nigeria, Kenya, Specs And Review

LG Stylus 3 price in Nigeria, Kenya, specs and review

The Consumer Electronics Show, one of the biggest tech events of the year, is round the corner. A slew of new devices is expected to be launched at the event to be held on Jan. 4-12 in Las Vegas. While some smartphone companies are holding off their devices for the Mobile World Congress taking place in February, others are expected ... Read More »

LG X Mach Specs, Features And Price In Nigeria Kenya, South Africa

LG X Mach specifications, Full Features, LG X Mach Reviews, Prices, LG X Mach photos, LG X Mach price In Nigeria,LG X Mach release date, USA, Kenya, LG X Mach camera, LG X Mach design, LG X Mach battery. This an info page for LG X Mach and it is design   LG released LG X mach to the India ... Read More »

LG V10: Review And Specifications Of ” The Triple Eyed Monster”

LG review and specifications

LG V10 Introduction LG definitely stayed true to its word, of releasing a line of extra premium smartphones. The LG V10 is should be called “A Monster”. With a total camera of three cameras, yes you read it right, three cameras, two displays, and a fingerprint sensor, this is one phone that can go head to head with the big ... Read More »

LG G5: The World’s First Modular Android Smartphone

lg g5

If ever there was a race for the top smartphones of the just concluded Mobile World Congress (MWC), the LG G5 would surely be part of a three horse race for the top price. The other two being the Galaxy S7 and the Xiaomi mi5. Having LG G5 side by side with those phones invariably means high-end specs. But that ... Read More »

LG showcases Its Double Screen TV And A Bendable OLED Display

There are probably three set of TV set manufacturers in the market; the good, the bad and the ugly. But LG which have always found a unique way of pleasing its customers have chosen a different set from the three; The Fantastic. Fantastic does not really begin to describe just how impresive LG new High definition Display toys are. Much ... Read More »