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List Of Tech Hubs In Africa: Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda & Others

Startups investments

Firstly, what is a Tech Hub? According to Roland Tritsch, VP of Global Engineering at Nitro, “‘Tech hub’ is a term we hear bandied about often but how is it actually defined? I’d be inclined to describe a tech hub as a type of ‘utopia’ where things happen faster, people are smarter and meeting investors is easier – as a ... Read More »

Privacy Infringement: Kenyan Government To Monitor Online Communications Of Citizens

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Well, in my honest opinion, this is entirely out of it. Infringing on people’s privacy should be the least agenda on a country’s government priority list. It shouldn’t even be on the agenda at all. But then, welcome here. Read more: Smart Number Plates In Kenya Is Coming In 2017 According to validated reports, the Kenyan Government may soon monitor the ... Read More »

Safaricom’s Youth Network, BLAZE Launches ‘Be Your Own Boss’ TV Series

Safaricom logo

Safaricom, a leading mobile network operator in Kenya formed in 1997, unknown to some, has a youth network BLAZE, which has signed up close to 900,000 subscribers, most of them from its normal 26m subscriber count but the firm is targeting more youths to join the sub-brand with the launch of a new reality TV series dubbed Blaze BYOB TV ... Read More »

iTel S31 Price In Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Specs And Review

iTel S31 price in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana specs and review

When you’re talking low end smartphones or phones generally, which are pocket friendly, then I’m pretty sure you’re talking Itel. They have also not disappointed us – their users actually – in this regard as they have always loved up to their selling point of low price to value system. But then, one thing different about this newly launched phone ... Read More »

Ulefone U008 Pro Price In Nigeria, India, Kenya, Specs And Review

First it was Ulefone Power, a middle-range smartphone from Ulefone with extra battery power endurance. The smartphone was launched in December 2015 and it is upgradable to Android 6.0 Marshmallow in the future. One remarkable thing about this one was the 6050 mAh battery power it possessed and also its fast charging – exclusive I must say. Well now, it ... Read More »

Smart Number Plates In Kenya Is Coming In 2017


The Kenyan government will also introduce Digital car licenses apart from the smart number plates ce again, Kenya is showing that it’s not our mate in this tech business. The Kenyan government has restated its resolve to introduce smart number plates and digital licences by June 2017. It says they will be launched in a bid to improve efficiency in ... Read More »

Tablets Account For Less Then 5% Internet Usage In Four African Countries Including Nigeria

Tablet internet usage

It seems tablets – i mean the device, not drugs – are not really fancied in Nigeria as very recent statistics from StatCounter reveals that tablets account for only 2.99% of internet usage in October. Let me make it clearer to you. The tablet computers, commonly shortened to tablet, a thin, flat mobile computer with a touchscreen display, which in ... Read More »

Peach Payments, An SA FinTech Startup To Expand To Nigeria & Kenya

Peach payments to expand to Nigeria, Kenya and Namibia

Peach Payments is a startup that provides payment solutions to online and mobile businesses enabling them to easily accept payments from consumers across the globe and especially from those in the emerging markets. Their specific focus is on Africa and the BRIC countries where the local infrastructure requires a unique and tailored approach to online payments. They provide access to ... Read More »

Facebook Launches Messenger Lite Application For Android

Facebook launches Messenger Lite Application for android

In June 2015, the Facebook Lite was reintroduced as an app with a total size of less than 1MB, primarily focusing markets where internet access is slow or limited. Now, Facebook has just announced the immediate availability of a new version of its Messenger application for Android devices. Dubbed Messenger Lite, the application will be launched in emerging markets where ... Read More »

Aboyeji’s New Startup, Flutterwave Now Live in Kenya

Flutterwave now live in kenya

The Flutterwave API is a new payment solution that allows anyone in Africa to accept payments – essentially Paypal for Africa. Available in JSON architecture with secure HTTPS protocol. In an interview with Karen Webster, Aboyeji stated that the API allows for users in Africa to send and receive money across the aforementioned conduits, a continuum that could be a ... Read More »