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Weird Rumours Says Apple Is Planning A 5.7-inch Phablet

For Apple and it hardwares, weird rumors never stop coming in, and the company is probably used to it by now. Whether most of them are hoaxes or not is always a matter of time — time enough to see how the actual products look like when the are unveiled. According to Taiwanese site Digitimes, Apple inc may be planning ... Read More »

Apple’s Tricky iPhone 5SE Launch Date

Apple scheduled its big March event fot the 21st of this month, but there may be more to it. The event which was earlier rumored to be on the 15th of this month was allegedly pushed forward to the 21st — a day before Apple appears in court to face charges related to obstruction of justice pertaining to the Bernardino ... Read More »

Apple Opens Twitter Account To Give Technical Support To Apple Fans

For those that have problems with their iPhone, iPod or Mac, and can’t drop by an Apple Genius Bar to get it fixed, Apple support is now on Twitter to help out. The Social media shy tech giant announced a Twitter account @AppleSupport to provide technical support to Apple hardware users. “We’re here to provide tips, tricks and helpful information ... Read More »

We Were All Wrong, Apple’s iPhone 5se Event Isn’t On March 15

Alas, we were all wrong, Apple’s big event wasn’t set for march 15 but rather March 21. Or it could be the Tech giant decided on a last minute change of plans. Earlier Reports from 9to5Mac and BuzzFeed News suggested that the iphone maker was planning a march 15th date for its big product release next month. Honestly, with Apple, ... Read More »

New Apple Patents Hints On A ” Touchless & Buttonless ” iPhone 7

Apple is set to launch the all new 2016 iPhone — the iPhone 7 — this September. It is not as if the iPhone maker will release any shred of significant information about the device before the launch, so there is room for speculations, frankly lots of plausible and not so plausible speculations. Now here we are, speculating too — ... Read More »

For The Umpteenth Time, Apple Gets Sued For Patent Infringement

Immersion, a San Jose based haptic technology company has filed a suit against tech giant Apple for infringing on its patent in its newest iPhones and Apple Watches. If there is any department at Apple inc more busier than the iPhone section it’s definitely Apple’s legal department. Faced with a seemingly unending legal battles, Apple is equally armed with legions ... Read More »

Apple May Offer New iPhone 5Se In Hot Pink

Rumors from Japanese tech blog Mac otakara suggests that Apple’s recently rumored iPhone 5se set for a March 15 unveiling would come in a shade of pink, Silver, Space Gray, and/or another potential color option. Apparently citing information obtained from a third-party vendor, Mac Otakara compares the shade of pink to that of the seventh-generation iPod nano and sixth- generation ... Read More »

Return Of The 4-inch iPhone Set For March 15

It’s not necessarily bad news for those that prefer a larger iPhone, but for the others who would love more smaller screen iPhone options — March 15 is the date to watch. Multiple Reports from 9to5Mac and BuzzFeed News suggests that Cupertino iphone maker, Apple inc may have picked a march 15th date for its big product release next month. ... Read More »

Apple Ask US Supreme Court To Ditch Samsung’s Patent Litigation Appeal

Apple’s legal battle with Samsung has dragged on for quite a long time. In 2011 (spring of 2011) Apple sued rivals Samsung for ‘allegedly infringing ‘ the company’s patents for features such as tap-to-zoom and multitouch gestures. This led to a long drawn Apple Vs Samsung intellectual property Battle. Apple initially asked for $2.5 billion in damages, an amount Samsung ... Read More »

Apple Looses World’s Most Valuable Company Spot To Alphabet

After hours of trading yesterday, Google’s recently organized parent company — Alphabet — displaced Apple inc. as the world’s most valuable listed company. The news isn’t really coming as a surprise to many, as Alphabet had both the potential as well as resources and opportunity to achieve the feat. After conveniently surpassing expectations from Wall street, for Q4 2015, Alphabet ... Read More »