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iPhone Users To Lose All Personal Data By April 7th Unless…

Fuze iPhone 7 case, 3.5mm headphone jack

So while Apple iPhone users have been receiving some good news, like the Apple RED iPhone they just launched, they have also just been hit with another one – and its very bad. One might be forced to confess that with its recent surge and attacks on Yahoo and their likes, Hackers are truly here to stay. READ MORE: Social Accounts: ... Read More »

Apple Launches New Red iPhones, Introduces iPad

Red iPhone

Veteran smartphone makers, Apple, has announced that it is launching a special edition (PRODUCT) RED iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on Friday, March 24. This new red aluminum iPhone is part of Apple’s decade-long (RED) campaign, which contributes to the Global Fund to fight AIDS. READ MORE: Apple to Open New Campus “Apple Park” In April – Photos I always ... Read More »

Apple To Debut First Ever Wireless Charging Feature With iPhone 8

iPhone 7 money wasted

If trends are to be followed squarely and rumors/reports are to be held with any form of credibility, then it is expected that   Apple  launches the iPhone 8 later this year. Some have even reported that they are expected to launch three different phones this year. Well, its not the launching that is our problem now, its what comes ... Read More »

Apple Agrees To Begin iPhone Production In India

See how much it costs Apple to make an iPhone 7

What would be your first reaction when you see a ‘made in india ‘ tag on an iPhone. Would it leave a good impression or would it have the ‘made in China’ impression? Regardless which it may leave, we’ll get to see it soon. Apple has agreed to terms with the Indian government to allow them production and assemblage of ... Read More »

Apple’s 2017 Handsets Would Be iPhone 7S & iPhone 7S Plus – Report

iPhone 7 3.5mm port drilling video

As stated on wikipedia, Apple has released ten generations of iPhone models, each accompanied by one of the ten major releases of the iOS operating system. The original 1st-generation iPhone was a GSM phone and established design precedents, such as a button placement that has persisted throughout all releases and a screen size maintained for the next four iterations. Read more; “iphone7’s ... Read More »

“We Welcome All Switchers” – Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook

Samsung customers might switch to apple

Apple recently announced its results for its fiscal fourth quarter – precisely yesterday. With 45.4 million units sold, the company is slightly below last year’s number of 48.04 million phones sold in Q4, but still topped Wall Street analysts’ expectations of 44.8 million. >> Apple To Report Drop In Revenue For First Time Since 2001 Well, one cannot but imagine the ... Read More »

iPhone 7 Unit Catches Fire, Destroys Vehicle

IPhone 7 catches fire, destroys car

Over here, I am beginning to think the “thing” that is doing Samsung, Note 7 to be specific has now somehow found its way to the stronghold of Apple, and this time, the much talked about iPhone 7 took the hit. It boggles my mind why this year’s much anticipated smaetphones from both industry giants were not allowed to be ... Read More »

How Much Would You Buy This Fake iPhone 7 Plus Running Android OS?

IPhone 7 & plus is aggressively high at almost ₦500,000.

So a lot of crazy things happen everyday and they don’t seem to amaze me either. I am not sure where this was manufactured but I am guessing China – where else could it have been? This below, is an iPhone 7 plus running an android OS. As seen on, “I was going through my Facebook news feed this ... Read More »

Apple Launches Investigation On iPhone Explosions

French man smashes iPhones, Mac

It was like the “thing” that was doing Samsung found its way to the Apple territory when an Apple iPhone 6S Plus belonging to a certain Yvette Estrada exploded. It might sound weird but I thing Samsung would be somewhat relieved that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is not the only smartphone that has had problems with explosions, but unlike ... Read More »

French Man Walks Into Apple Store, Smashes iPhones And A Mac. See Why?

French man smashes iPhones, Mac

A man walked into an Apple store in France and did what all reasonably guys like to contemplate doing but never ever do in reality. He proceeded to smash as many iPhones and one Mac he could lay his hands on. Or to be more precise, the steel ball he was holding did the smashing. He only stopped destroying these ... Read More »