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Glo’s Internet Subscriber Base Increase, Others Fall

Internet users statistics in Nigeria

Whenever I call the Globacom network the “grandmasters of data”, I have that deep down feeling in me that I’m not being fair to other network operators trying their best too but now, Globacom has helped justified my initial position, even without asking them to do so. TELECOMMUNICATIONS solutions provider Globacom has been confirmed the sole network that increased its ... Read More »

VLC Media Player Adds Support For 360-Degree Videos And Much More

VLC media player get 360-degree video support

VLC, the world’s number open source free media player just added a new feature to the software that would take it to another level. The feature though is mainly about keeping up with the latest video technology and formats. This time around, we are talking 360-degree videos. VLC median player is one of the softwares I make sure to install ... Read More »

Twitter CEO’s Account Got Suspended Today; What Happened?!

Twitter CEO account suspended, Jack dorsey

For a brief period today, the world thought Twitter had finally thrown in the towel or are in the final stages of doing so. How else would one explain the fact that for some time, people who tried to view Jack Dorsey’s (CEO of Twitter) Twitter timeline saw the customary message that follows the suspension of an account? Perhaps, some ... Read More »

How Fake News On Social Media Is A Growing Problem

social media fake news

Fake news on social media is a big issue that many people just take for granted. With the US election dominated by how fake news dominated online news especially on social media, the issue is now in the spotlight and been given the scrutiny it deserves. In countries like Nigeria where most people get their news online from social forums, ... Read More »

Facebook’s Aquila Drone Under Investigation For Accident On Maiden Flight

Facebook Aquila drone investigated NTSB

It has been rather quiet on Facebook Aquila Project front since the maiden test flight was carried out towards the end of July. When things go quiet like this about such a big project, it usually means lots of stuff going on outside the public view. In Facebook’s Aquila’s case though, the silence since that test flight could be as ... Read More »

Firefox Browser Hit Half Century of Updates; How To Update To Firefox 50

Mozilla Firefox 50 update

Firefox updates has now reached the 50th update mark as the latest version of the browser was released for desktops PCs and Android devices. I guess it is right to raise a glass to the Mozilla for reaching this landmark. It is not easy running an open source free program and be constantly giving out updates on a tight budget. ... Read More »

Second Edition Of Digital Facts Book Released By DigitPlus

Nigeria has been ranked number one country in Africa and the eighth in the world in terms of internet usage with about 63 million internet users available in the country, this was disclosed by the second edition of digital facts – Nigeria, West & Central Africa; a publication produced by digitXplus. The publication showed that since 2011, Nigeria has attained ... Read More »

Cheap High Speed Internet Coming Soon Via SpaceX’s 4,425 Satellites

SpaceX to launch 4425 satellites

Elon Musk, well known as the CEO of Tesla Motors, yesterday applied for a license with the US Federal Communications Communications (FCC), to be allowed to send 4425 satellites to orbit the planet and provide high speed internet service to people around the world. You have to admire people like Elon Musk. They are the modern day visionaries who think ... Read More »

Nigeria Ranked #1 In Internet Usage In Africa And #9 Worldwide

Nigeria #1 internet use Africa,

Nigeria ranked ninth as the country with the most internet users as of 2015. This was the conclusion from a report by DigitXplus that looked at trends in internet usage around the world and in some selected countries in Africa. DigitXplus is a marketing firm established in 2014 that specializes in digital advertising, online media campaign for firms, provision of ... Read More »

Pocket; Best Browser Extension To Save And Read Web Pages Later

Pocket browser extension, saved pages

For one moment I thought Pocket was my answer to saved pages on Opera Mini browser on my Android phone. Anything to save data right? I’ll come back to that issue later. For now, let me just share what I belatedly discovered as a great way to save web pages to read later. By belatedly, I mean Pocket has being ... Read More »