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Chrysler-made SUVs Join Google Self-Driving Fleet Of Cars

Chrysler-made SUVs, Google self-driving cars

Google has been rather bullish about their self-driving cars especially since tests outside of the Mountain View headquarters started last year in Austin, Texas. Hidden in the fine print of the self-driving car project is one detail people chose to ignore. The fact is, Google does not intend to build cars. They have made this fact known several times but ... Read More »

Photos Of Google Pixel’s Amazing Camera, But There Is A Problem

Google to spend millions of dollars to market pixel phones

Recall that Huawei once withheld the truth – I don’t want to say ‘lie’ – about a certain picture which they claim was taken by the Huawei P9. They sure were not smart about this as Android Police uncovered the lie using the EXIF metadata of the picture and discovered that it was taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark ... Read More »

Google Duo Pushes Out Hangouts In Android OS Pre-Installed Apps

Google Duo replaced Hangouts in Android OS

When Google launched Duo two months ago, the message been sent out to the world was clear, Google is shifting focus away from its other messaging apps to the new ones such as Duo and the Google AI-powered messaging app known as Allo. Google Hangouts is the first to be be shown the door. In an email message to all ... Read More »

Google To Spend Millions Of Dollars To Market Its Pixel Smartphones

Google to spend millions of dollars to market pixel phones

According to a Reuters reports, Google is to embark on a significant marketing campaign to aid the launch of its new Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. According to sources, the company has already spent $3.2 million for television ads, and advertising managers expect its marketing spend to stretch into the hundreds of million of dollars. Well, I can imagine the ... Read More »

Google Lure Amazon Exec To Take Charge Of New Smartphones

Google hire Amazon executive, David Foster, Google Hardware division

Google just added another experience hand to their hardware division. The Information is reporting that the Search giant, that does business under the name of Alphabet since last year, lured an Amazon executive to work for them. David Foster would work in the hardware division as Vice President of product engineering. He is to oversee the the development of Google’s ... Read More »

Google Allo Passes Five Million Downloads On Android

Google allo hits five million downloads on android

The Google Allo, an instant messaging mobile app developed by Google that includes a virtual assistant and provides a “smart reply” function that allows users to reply without typing has now garnered more than five million downloads on android alone. It was announced at Google I/O on May 18, 2016 and launched on September 21, 2016. The app is available ... Read More »

Google Self-driving Car Involved In Terrible Accident

Google self-driving car accident

The weekend was not so good for Google self-driving car as it was involved in the worst accident ever since public testing of the autonomous vehicles started last year. On the other hand, it could also be viewed as good news for the driverless cars as most reports confirmed Google’s driverless car was broadsided by a van that ran a ... Read More »

Google Can Now Vote As It Turns 18 Today

Google celebrate 18th birthday

Google is celebrating her 18th birthday today. Hurrayyyy! Google has become so ingrained in our lives we tend to think the company has being around forever; perhaps as old as even Microsoft. But Google millennial teen. If Google were human, it would be able to vote in the US November’s presidential election for the very first time. This is another ... Read More »

Is Twitter Finally Throwing In The Towel? Reports Suggest So

Twitter sale, Google line up buy Twitter, Salesforce line up buy Twitter

Are the vultures beginning to circle around the slowly dying Twitter ready to pick the company clean? This might be the case if the report by CNBC is to be taken seriously. According to the report, Twitter is in talk with some companies about a possible bid to take over the company. The names most prominent with the take over ... Read More »

See Likely Launch Date Of Google’s New Smartphones, Pixel and Pixel XL

Google new smartphones October 4 launch date

Some weeks ago (in July to be precise), we reported about the rumours making the rounds that Google would soon develop its own smartphone. The sources of these rumours were credible. And they even gave the date as sometime before the end this year. I predicted¬† December if if was really going to happen. As far as my own prediction ... Read More »