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Google Play Music Gets Artificial Intelligence Upgrade

Googgle Play Music Upgrade

Five years ago, Google launched Google Play Music to provide free online music streaming service for people with Google accounts who love listening to music. But with the presence of services like YouTube, it is no wonder that not many people know or care about it, though it is present in several countries around the world. Google though is not ... Read More »

Microsoft Angry At Google For Revealing Serious Security Flaw In Windows

Google reveal security vulnerability windows

The folks at Microsoft are not happy that Google decided to tell the world that Windows ¬†has an easily exploitable vulnerability through Adobe Flash. As far as Microsoft is concerned, the people at Google are snitches for giving out the info. In a statement to The Verge, a spokesperson for Microsoft said that this ….disclosure by Google puts customers at ... Read More »

Google Fiber Roll-out Stopped; CEO Resigns; Workers To Be Laid Off

Google Fiber stopped, Access CEO resogns

Once again, Google (or Alphabet to be precise) is going to bin another ambitious project. This time around, the unfortunate project is the Google Fiber project. Google¬† Fiber was launched with the sole aim of providing the fastest internet access known to man to cities and communities across the United States. The Google Fiber mission must have included taking the ... Read More »

Google Allo Update 2.0 Is Here, With New Features

Google Allo tips and tricks

Google Allo, an instant messaging mobile app developed by Google which launched in september this year has received its first update. Allo 2.0 is currently in the process of rolling out through the Play Store. Google Allo includes a virtual assistant and provides a “smart reply” function that allows users to reply without typing, but seems the newest update is ... Read More »

Whatsapp Introduces Video Calling Feature

WhatsApp Messenger, a proprietary, cross-platform, encrypted instant messaging client for smartphones – the most popular actually – has added the video calling feature to its lots of other features. The Video calling feature has been released in the recent beta versions of Whatsapp. This is coming weeks after Google released their own messaging app Allo, and video calling App, Duo. ... Read More »

Brand New Google Wallpapers App: Pimp Your Smartphone Homescreen

Google Wallpapers app

I am tempted to belief Google were thinking of people like me when they launched a new app known as Wallpapers. The name of the app gives a everything away I guess. No need to bother thinking it is an ordinary name for something fancy. It is just an app to help your personalize your phone’s home screen. With all ... Read More »

Google Pixel Phones Out Of Stock On Google Store

Google to spend millions of dollars to market pixel phones

According to reports, the Google Pixel XL is completely out of stock on the Google store. All I can say here is wow… According to his book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’, Robert Kiyosaki once advised a lady to ‘be the best-selling author’, not just the ‘best writing author’. I guess Google made good use of this advice after reports emerged ... Read More »

10 Important Tips And Tricks To Make Google’s Allo Very Useful (concl)

Google Allo tips and tricks

This is the concluding part of the wonderful things you can do with Google’s highly rated instant messaging app, Allo. Read the first part here Let Allo be your Weather man Weather technology has become so good you can use the internet to find out the weather in any part of the world. You get your answer quickly with a ... Read More »

10 Important Tips And Tricks To Make Google’s Allo Very Useful

Google Allo tips and tricks

Google launched Allo, the instant messaging app with Google Assistant integrated into it, almost exactly a month ago. So far, the chat app has not disappointed users. Allo, like any other wonderful app, is the sort of app you discover new ways to make it work for you everyday; the more you use it, the better it gets. Or to ... Read More »

Google News Launch ‘Fact Check’ To Combat False, Misleading News

Googgle news Fact check

Google News has moved to make sure teeming readers that use the site for news around the world are not unduly misinformed especially for news related to the US and UK versions of the website. The new feature was announced two days ago and it is simply called ‘Fact Check.’ Observers of all things politics belief the new feature was ... Read More »