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Google Introduces Offline Mode For Google Search Android App

Google teaching nigerians how to code for android applications

Google has been trying lately to be innovative – not as innovative as Facebook though – hoping they would increase their fan base – I don’t know how much they might want to increase it to, because it all seems like there’s no more increase for them. Google might have reached their peak already. Read more; How To Stop Seeing Pornographic ... Read More »

How To Stop Seeing Pornographic Contents On Google Search

pornography on Google search

Well, I have actually come in contact with certain people whose eyes would have remained a virgin if there was never anything like the internet. The internet is guilty of corrupting their once ‘holy’ eyes. Read more; List Of Top Ten Apps In 2016: Where Does Facebook And Google’s Apps Rank? This might not be totally their fault. You would agree ... Read More »

List Of Top Ten Apps In 2016: Where Does Facebook And Google’s Apps Rank?

messaging apps

2016 has been a very long year in the tech world. A lot of devices were launched, startups were funded, new apps were released into their respective stores and a lot more like that. A 10-app list has emerged which highlights the top ten apps that rocked the world in the year 2016. The rankings are based on the monthly ... Read More »

“Microsoft To Become The First Trillion Dollar Company”

LinkedIn to be blocked in Russia

Right now, tech companies are one of the biggest in the world, and their owners, some of the richest people on this planet. People like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Larry Page are all owners or CEOs of tech companies and all three of them are on the 1st ten billionaires list. Tech actually pays. Read more; Microsoft Angry At Google For ... Read More »

Employee Sues Google For Being ‘Too Secretive’

Google reveal security vulnerability windows

I can imagine the feeling when I employ someone, pay him money and then gets sued by him. I would only take it if it is for a just cause. Ladies and Gentlemen of TechProducts, this same scenario has just happened to our big daddy G. – Google. According to reports, one of Google’s employee has sued them for being ... Read More »

Nigeria’s Most Searched Smartphones In 2016, According To Google

Huawei Overtake Samsung

Yay! 2016 is another year about to come to an end and as tradition demands, big daddy G. has released their ‘most searched’ lists of the year and as you would expect, the list of the most searched smartphones in 2016 has been brought to us. Read more; Top 10 Best Performing Smartphones In November 2016 – Antutu This year could ... Read More »

Google Allo Has Passed Ten Million Downloads On Playstore

Google Allo tips and tricks

I really want to believe this was not Google’s plan from the very beginning. The snail-like movement of the number of downloads of the popular Google Allo messaging app has been somewhat frustrating to say the least. Read more; Google Allo Passes Five Million Downloads On Android With the pool of resources at the disposal of big daddy Google, one begin ... Read More »

Google Launches Android Version of ‘Gboard’

Google teaching nigerians how to code for android applications

Finally! After a very long wait in the space of about 6 months since daddy Google launched the Gboard application for iOS devices, they have finally decided to cast their touch on the ever surplus Android users too. Read more: Motion Stills: Google’s iOS App Creates GIF Images Easily The thing is a whole lot of people might just be hearing about ... Read More »

Is Google Involved In Developing The New Nokia Phones?

Chrysler-made SUVs, Google self-driving cars

According to reports which could be termed valid, our very own Google might be involved in the development of the new Nokia phones which would be launched in a few months to come,  hopefully, next year. The things is, we do not know the meaning of “involved” yet. Could they be helpful in the manufacturing, or they are into some ... Read More »

How Fake News On Social Media Is A Growing Problem

social media fake news

Fake news on social media is a big issue that many people just take for granted. With the US election dominated by how fake news dominated online news especially on social media, the issue is now in the spotlight and been given the scrutiny it deserves. In countries like Nigeria where most people get their news online from social forums, ... Read More »