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Google Introduces A New Logo

Google yesterday unveiled its new logo to the world. This new logo is coming a few weeks after Google reorganized all the major divisions of the company, bringing them under one umbrella company called Alphabet. The new logo still retains the sans-serif letters and it is basically still a logo made of just letters without any symbols. The wordmark new ... Read More »

When is Google Moving To Mars?

Weird right? Wait till am through. A Google employee during an important question and answer session called out a Senior Google management staff and asked the million dollar question, “just when exactly are we relocating to Mars?” , I mean come on mate, mars? I personally think Google will do just fine in Mercury, considering its a lot warmer, that’s ... Read More »

What Went Wrong With Google Glass?

Promising Beginning Of Google Glass “OK glass, take a picture”, “upload picture to Facebook and Twitter “, with this simple voice commands Google glass an augmented reality gadget by search giant Google, takes a clear and precise photo with its 5MP camera and uploads the resulting point-of-view image to Facebook and Twitter. Without moving a finger,unless of course you get ... Read More »

Google Forms, Right For You?

  Have you ever wanted to create online forms like survey for your clients on your webpage? And you’ve been finding it so difficult, thereby limiting your business growth. Have you heard of Google forms? Google Forms is a platform that allows you to create online forms very fast for surveys, applications, profile update and so on, with responses collected ... Read More »