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Google’s Inbox By Gmail App Gets 3 New Features

inbox by Gmail app

I once described Google’s Inbox by Gmail app as as a life saver if your day to day activities involves exchanging a lot of emails. I consider the Inbox by Gmail app one of the best app out there. And since I started using it, I have never looked back. And Google too seem to view the app as one ... Read More »

360-Degree Video Livestreaming, Spatial Audio Debuts On YouTube

360-degree video livestreaming

360-degree video livestreaming has now come to YouTube. It was always likely that Google’s YouTube will not sit by idly and watch its rivals in the online video stream upgrade their video products. Of course, YouTube would not directly admit it is responding to what Periscope, Instagram and Facebook Live have recently done to online video streaming. YouTube as a ... Read More »

Customized Nexus Case Now Available For Nexus Smartphones For $35.

customized Nexus case

Google has launched a new product or service. Lets call it customized Nexus case. It is perhaps the Tech giant’s way of telling Nexus owners they don’t have to buy phone cases from third party merchants. The customized Nexus cases are designed to give users control of how they want their phone cases to look like. As the name implies, ... Read More »

Chrome 50 Released By Google For All Platforms

chrome 50

The latest version of Chrome browser, known as Chrome 50, has being released by Google. The update is primed to work on all supported platforms like Windows, Linux, and OS X. As usual with Chrome updates, Google claims Chrome 50 comes packed with several interesting features that makes it very superior to the previous version or to any other browser ... Read More »

Nik Plugins: Google’s Awesome Photo-editing Softwares Now Free

Nik plugins

Google is doing a grand thing with its popular software, the Nik plugins. According to Google, the Nik plugins which used to cost about $150 would now to be sold for an amazing zero dollars. Yes, it is now going to be offered as a free download to anybody interested in the plugins. The Nik plugins are a collection of ... Read More »

Chrome App Launcher To Be Retired By Google

chrome app launcher

The story of the Chrome app launcher should be a metaphor for, ‘All shiny things are not gold.’ Or, not all awesome apps would become successful. The Chrome app launcher was introduced to make it easier to access Google Apps directly from the PC’s desktop, that is, instead of going through the browser. If you are wondering why you haven’t ... Read More »

YouTube Connect: Google’s Gives Live Streaming A Shot

YouTube Connect

The big two, Google and Facebook, are, apparently, doing their bit to make sure #RipTwitter becomes reality. How else can you explain the fact that Google is quietly making its own app, called YouTube Connect that can stream files. This is a very a direct challenge at Twitter’s popular streaming service, Periscope. Facbook had already launched its own Periscope-like service ... Read More »

Google Photos Now Has A Smarter Way Of Arranging Your Photos

Google photos

Google Photos is going to completely take over your online photos. This is not scare mongering, it is the truth. That is, if the latest update to the photo organization app works the way Google software engineers intended. The Google Photos team must have a very good idea how people generally treat digital photos. Normally what we do can be ... Read More »

Stagefright Exploit: Google Yet to fully End The Threat On Android Devices

stagefright exploit

In the world of Android smartphones, ‘stagefright‘ has zero relationship with live drama on the stage. Stagefright exploit is a real danger for Android phones. It has the potential to hack into all Android phones. In theory that is. Stagefright is the name given to a series of codes used by the Android OS to parse video and other media ... Read More »

Binge On Welcomes YouTube To Its Free Unlimited Video Service

Binge On

Google, through YouTube, has decided to be part of T-Mobile’s Binge On service, a very popular free streaming video service from the telecom’s company. Binge On was launched last November by T-mobile. It allows T-mobile subscribers to stream Internet videos free on their mobile devices. At launch, T-mobile subscribers who enabled Binge On were able to stream content from Netflix, ... Read More »