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About 1.6 Million Note 7 Recalled In US; Nigerians Refuse To Return Theirs

85% success rate recalled Note 7 US

According to Samsung, of the almost 2 million units of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 sold in the US since the phones was released, about 15% of that number still remain unaccounted for. This could be as a result of some who don’t want to be bothered with the stress involved in the process of the recall or it could be ... Read More »

Samsung Going After GTA Mod Video That Turned Galaxy Note 7 Into Bomb

Samsung target GTA mod video Of Note 7

Samsung is not happy with a certain ‘HitmanNiko’, for creating  a Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V mod that turned the unfortunates Galaxy Note 7 into a bomb. And how did Samsung show their displeasure? In the worst way possible at this time. The company has already taken action to remove the video from YouTube and it is doing all it ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Price In Nigeria, Specs And Review

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro price in Nigeria, specs and review

Despite what went down – and is still going down – with the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung seems to have moved on, or simply put, are pressured to move on, as they have launched the Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro in China. With these specs you’ll see soon enough, it appears the C9 Pro is a big brother to the Galaxy ... Read More »

Samsung Won’t Pay For Any Damages Caused By Note 7 Explosions

Exploding Galaxy Note 7

According to reports, and true life stories too, Samsung isn’t paying for any damage caused by an exploding Galaxy Note 7 unit. This is coming after the series of warnings from the smartphone giant to its customers to return every Note 7 unit in their possession, though some people have decided to keep it and hope to God it doesn’t ... Read More »

Get $100 Discount On Any Samsung Device If You Return Your Galaxy Note 7

$100 discount Samsung devices Note 7

The introduction of Samsung’s second Flagship device, the Galaxy Note 7, was supposed to be like all others before it: smooth, flawless and with lots of money going into Samsung’s huge bank balance.     Instead, there has been a double recall as a result of the fires from exploding batteries; leading to huge embarrassment for the company. And to ... Read More »

End Of The Road For Galaxy Note 7? A Brief History Of Exploding Flagship (updated)

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 production halted

Well, it is now finally over for Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The phone that was launched with a lot promise is now going down without a whimper. The biggest publicly funded news agency in South Korea, Yonhap News Agency, is quoting an unnamed Samsung official as saying that further production of the so-called ‘safe‘ replacement Samsung Note 7 had been ... Read More »

Apple Launches Investigation On iPhone Explosions

French man smashes iPhones, Mac

It was like the “thing” that was doing Samsung found its way to the Apple territory when an Apple iPhone 6S Plus belonging to a certain Yvette Estrada exploded. It might sound weird but I thing Samsung would be somewhat relieved that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is not the only smartphone that has had problems with explosions, but unlike ... Read More »

Samsung Stops Production Of Galaxy Note 7

Replacement Galaxy Note 7 catches fire on plane

Well, many different people have classified the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 tragedy in their own different terms and right now, we don’t even know what other words to use that’ll give you a perfect description of what actually went down at the company in the past few weeks. I guess Samsung has finally decided to save face a second time ... Read More »

Several Photos Of Galaxy Note 7 Exploding During A Battery Test

Exploding Galaxy Note 7

We wouldn’t know, but there might be a few people still nursing the idea of buying a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone, maybe because units have been recalled and the new ones have been certified ‘safe’. But permit me to shock you that just recently, a ‘safe’ Galaxy Note 7 unit exploded on a plane. At Louisville international airport, the ... Read More »

The End Of Galaxy Note 7? Replaced Phone Caught Fire On Plane

Replacement Galaxy Note 7 catches fire on plane

The internet is abuzz with the news that a new Galaxy Note 7 caught fire on a plane just before take off. The Southwest Airlines plane bound for Kentucky from the Louisville International Airport had to be evacuated. Nobody was hurt among the 75 passengers and crew members on board at the time. The latest incident of a Note 7 ... Read More »