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Meet Acer’s 3.6 Million Naira Laptop – Photos

Acer's 3.6 Million naira laptop

Wow! What would an over three million naira laptop look like. I’m sure it must be the most beautiful and lovely device ever made. It would have very slim body with super smooth surface while the body might also be lined with gold. It could also have some very mind blowing features like … bla bla bla… Read more; Acer Temporarily ... Read More »

‘Hacking’ Snapchat’s Spectacles Is Damn Easy; See How (Videos)

Hacking Snapchat's spectacles

The whole world and their dog know that Snapchat announced the release of their hardware a couple of months back. They called it Spectacles. Obviously that meant it is going to be a wearable gadget for your face right? Snapchat’s Spectacles went on sale a few weeks ago. And following the hype of the colorful gadgets, there was an expected ... Read More »

Would You Buy Nike’s Hi-Tech Self-Lacing Sneakers Next Month?

Nike HyperAdapt self-lacing sneakers

Sneaker lovers, especially those who love all tings Nike, have been waiting for this news for some months. The American global corporation that is in the business of manufacturing and selling all things related to sports announced that the long awaited Nike HyperAdapt self-lacing sneakers would be launched quite soon. As a matter of fact, the definitive date according to ... Read More »

Ditch Those Bulky Projectors And Try A One That Fits Into Your Pocket

The year 2016 has “cool” written all over it. A little bit of goofy nerds and geeky type of cool. From being stylishly wowed by the galaxy s7, creativity inspired by the iphone SE to something i couldnt have possible thought of – a cube.   Ok, before you go all “cubic” on me, and be like ‘whats so cool ... Read More »

Call Me Snapchat Inc And Checkout My $130 Spectacles

Snapchat Inc, Snapchat Spectacles

Over the weekend, Snapchat did two significant things: they changed their name and launched a new hardware known as Spectacles, which of course means glasses that you can wear on your face. The change of the corporate name to Snapchat Inc, though a slightly insignificant to users, reveals Snapchat’s intention of how it wants to operate moving forward. The name ... Read More »

Four Things You Need To Know About Apple’s New AirPods

things to know about Apple AirPods

Since Apple’s latest flagship phone, iPhone 7, was launched, the expected storm around the new device was as it should be. Techies and smartphones aficionados have been going over the new phone with a fine comb. Nothing has being spared in the rush to declare the new phone the best thing to happen to humanity since the internet, or the ... Read More »

Gearbest Promo: Get The 3GB RAM Redmi Note 4 & More At Very Low Prices

Gearbest promo, Xiapmi redmi note 4 price slash

If you are looking for bargains on electronic gadgets these month to buy for yourself or loved ones, the place to head to is Gearbest. Gearbest is an online store that is slowly making in roads here. They are known for selling good products at low prices most of the time. When we did the eye-opening series on good Android ... Read More »

Why And How Lithium-ion Batteries Over-Heat And Catch Fire

lithium-ion batteries over-heating, li-ion batteries catching fire

Last week, the biggest news in the world of Android smartphones was Samsung’s decision to recall millions of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which were overheating and bursting into flames in several cases. The news stunned several people around the world because such serious mishaps was never expected to be associated with Samsung smartphones. However, when it comes to Li-ion batteries, ... Read More »

A Toast For The VCR As The Only Company Still Making It End Production

VCR, DVDs, gadgets

The Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) is one of those gadgets that underlines how far the world has come in less than 50 years. The first VCR was produced about 40 years ago, and by the end of July this year, the last unit would have being made. The honors for this feat belong to a Japanese company known as Funai. ... Read More »

Google Rumored Working On Augmented/Virtual Reality Hybrid Headset

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Google, Gadgets

With global success of the AR game Pokémon Go, it is not surprising the news about Google trying to develop a gadget linked to Augmented Reality. Though in this case, Google is trying to combine Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in one gadget. I wonder what hybrid name would be used to describe this gadget. The news of this new ... Read More »