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Instagram Reaches 700 Million Users In The Fastest Time Frame

Instagram reaches 700 million users

Whoaa, it is now confirmed that once you have the platform, you can be like your competitors by doing the same thing they are doing. One would have thought otherwise when it came to the issue of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, but then, they have proved all of us wrong. READ MORE: Facebook Copying Snapchat: The Root, Dirty Tricks & ... Read More »

Showcase Of Innovations At Facebook Event, F8

Social media giant Facebook holds a developer conference annually called F8. The conference is a platform for Facebook to share its new products and services with its wide array of users. F8 is also a platform for developers across the globe to showcase their products. DON’T MISS THIS: Microsoft’s Edge Browser, Most Hacked At Pwn20wn 2017 Hacking Event The event had ... Read More »

Facebook Launches Tools To Stop “Revenge Porn”, Spot False News

Facebook public endorsement of political candidate

You would agree with me that if there’s any place that provides very easy access to spamming other people’s timeline or walls, then its Facebook. When people post unnecessary information or posted on your wall, or tag you unnecessary, or even claim to be with you when they actually aren’t, are some of the many downs you might encounter on ... Read More »

Facebook Copies Snapchat Again: Launches Facebook Camera & Facebook Stories

Well, with this recent development, I have come to a conclusion that Facebook can never stop copying Snapchat. You might want to read everything about the tussle between both entities here. According to Facebook, they have launched another feature – the Facebook camera to “make it fast, fun and easy for people to share creative photos and videos with whomever ... Read More »

Facebook Live Streaming Available For Desktop Users

I do hope you can recall that Facebook launched the live streaming feature on their platform some months back, but the limitation then was that it was not possible to stream live videos on a desktop, PC or laptop – was only avilable for tablets and phones – but that is not a limitation anymore. READ MORE: Facebook Copying Snapchat: The Root, ... Read More »

You Can Now Stream Videos Directly From Your Gmail Before Downloading

Gmail logo

At this point, I am having a feeling that with the recent and incessant release of features for Gmail by Google, Big Daddy is really up to something with the service. Maybe they’re are targeting more users, maybe targeting some other things I wouldn’t know of. Starting from increasing the size of an attachment that one can download from a precious ... Read More »

Facebook Copying Snapchat: The Root, Dirty Tricks & Why Snapchat Can’t Sue

Snapchat $4 billion IPO

It has been established over the years how Facebook made it their course to engage in a blatant copying of snapchat features – particularly the snapchat stories. Right from the very first day they launched INSTAGRAM STORIES, many people have envisaged that they would surely try more and more to look more like snapchat, but why. Facebook didn’t stop at ... Read More »

Google Unveils ‘Meet’: A New Video Conferencing App

Google hire Amazon executive, David Foster, Google Hardware division

If I love one thing about Google, it is their rugged and dugged way of life, which does not let them accept any thing life gives them even if life, or Facebook does not give them something substantial to hold on to. If we were to be keeping tabs, it is certain that Google has unofficially unveiled its seventh messaging ... Read More »

How To Add Your Country Flag To Your Facebook Profile Picture

facebook censors, press freedom

First is, do you love your country? Because as situations are presently, I know know a whole lot of people who are definitely not in love with their country. This might be because of economic or political reasons. Read more: Apply For Facebook’s Bots For Messenger Developer Challenge & Win $20,000 But then, there are still a few ones which do. ... Read More »

Finally, YouTube To Stop 30-Seconds Non-Skippable Ads

YouTube Connect

Have you ever been so excited to watch a video on YouTube only to be firstly, frustrated with a very long and boring ad at the beginning. And this time, not 5 seconds, not 10 seconds, but a whole 30 second ad. The most annoying part of this is that these ads are most likely unskippable. YouTube, fear God. Read ... Read More »