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See How Much Mark Zuckerberg Has Made In The First Two Weeks Of 2017

Mark in money

You know, sometimes, there is need for some motivation in this world we’re in. But again, there are some kind of motivations which might lead you to hate yourself or even question how lucrative your ‘soft work’ and hustle is. The intent of this post The intent of this however, is to encourage you to put more and more efforts into whatever you ... Read More »

List Of Top Ten Apps In 2016: Where Does Facebook And Google’s Apps Rank?

messaging apps

2016 has been a very long year in the tech world. A lot of devices were launched, startups were funded, new apps were released into their respective stores and a lot more like that. A 10-app list has emerged which highlights the top ten apps that rocked the world in the year 2016. The rankings are based on the monthly ... Read More »

Facebook To Release Tools To Combat Fake News

Facebook Inc has said on in a statement released that it will develop tools to combat the spread of fake news on its platform. This development from Facebook is comes after continuous criticism that Facebook didn’t do enough to tackle the menace especially during the U.S. presidential elections and other major elections around the world. READ MORE: GIONEE M2017 UNVEILED! ... Read More »

“Microsoft To Become The First Trillion Dollar Company”

LinkedIn to be blocked in Russia

Right now, tech companies are one of the biggest in the world, and their owners, some of the richest people on this planet. People like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Larry Page are all owners or CEOs of tech companies and all three of them are on the 1st ten billionaires list. Tech actually pays. Read more; Microsoft Angry At Google For ... Read More »

Just After Live Videos, Facebook Launches Live Audio

Turkish man commits suicide facebook live

Just a couple of days after launching the Facebook group video calling feature to messenger, Zuck’s people have shown they still have loads and loads of more features coming the way of their over 1 billion users to keep them glued to the social network, as they have now launched the Facebook live audio. You can refer to it as ... Read More »

Facebook Misled Us During Whatsapp Takeover, Faces EU Charge

So it isn’t news anymore that whatsapp was taken over by facebook some months back. Now, it seems facebook misled the public over some issues concerning the deal, and that singular act might even them a not too heavy fine from the EU. Read more: Whatsapp To Introduce The ‘Unsend Message’ Feature Soon Facebook might be facing a fine of 1% ... Read More »

Whatsapp To Introduce The ‘Unsend Message’ Feature Soon

Facebook stop collecting European WhatsApp data

Personally, I have been in situations not only on whatsapp, but other instant messaging applications where I almost regret sending a particular message and would immediately feel the urge to ‘unsend’ that message. I have always felt there is a need for the ‘unsend’ feature on whatsapp just like the ‘unlike’ feature needs to be on Facebook. I am beginning ... Read More »

Meet Four(4) Things Mark Zuckerberg Created Before Facebook

Snapchat-like clone app Flash, Facebook

As seen on , here are four startups by the great Zuck, all of which existed before Facebook. Let’s roll. 1. ZuckNet Mark’s father – Edward Zuckerberg was a dental practitioner, who ran his clinic from the first floor of their home. This made communication between the family members a hassle, because everyone was always running up and down ... Read More »

How Fake News On Social Media Is A Growing Problem

social media fake news

Fake news on social media is a big issue that many people just take for granted. With the US election dominated by how fake news dominated online news especially on social media, the issue is now in the spotlight and been given the scrutiny it deserves. In countries like Nigeria where most people get their news online from social forums, ... Read More »

Facebook’s Aquila Drone Under Investigation For Accident On Maiden Flight

Facebook Aquila drone investigated NTSB

It has been rather quiet on Facebook Aquila Project front since the maiden test flight was carried out towards the end of July. When things go quiet like this about such a big project, it usually means lots of stuff going on outside the public view. In Facebook’s Aquila’s case though, the silence since that test flight could be as ... Read More »