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Hands-Free Calls During Driving Are Not A Safer Option – Study

Driver on hands-free calls while driving

You know that instance when you’re trying to concentrate on your driving activity and your phone rings, you pick up the phone and try to keep up driving normally. This is pretty easy for some drivers to do while it is harder that atomic physics for others. But based on unofficial statistics, from my visual observations, majority of drivers who ... Read More »

Android Auto Updated; Every Car Now Able To Use The Android App

Android Auto working in every car

One of the highlights of the Google l/O developer conference held earlier this year was the announcement that Android Auto would be coming to Android phones as a standalone app. Android Auto is a software integrated in some cars used to control the cars’ infotainment system like multimedia and maps for directions. Until this announcement, only a tiny percentage of ... Read More »

BMW, Toyota, Recall Millions Of Vehicles Over Safety Concerns

BMW Faulty fuel pump, Toyota takata airbags

Product recalls seems to be in vogue at the moment. The world is just coming to terms with the recall and eventual termination of the Galaxy Note 7, one of Samsung’s Flagship devices. Now the recall mania has moved over to the auto industries. For different reasons, Toyota and BMW would over the next few weeks be involved in the ... Read More »

Uber Plan To Ditch Google Maps To Build Their Own Maps

Uber Maps, Google Maps

Uber, the cab-booking app, has not come out to officially say it, but according to a Financial Times report, the company is investing $500 million on an initiative to create their own maps. Apart from the huge amount dedicated to the mapping project, what makes this an eye-brow raising news is the fact that Uber wants to end their association ... Read More »

Mobileye, Makers OF Tesla’s Autopilot, Ends Partnership With Tesla

Mobileye, Tesla Autopailot, Self-driving cars, Autonomous cars

In an announcement that got the auto world really buzzing, Mobileye said it is parting ways with Tesla. Mobileye are the manufacturers of the software that controls Tesla’s Autopilot. Autopilot is the name Tesla christened the collection of softwares in their semi  autonomous cars responsible for keeping the cars on their lanes without the aid of a driver. The Autopilot ... Read More »

Mercedes-Benz Showcases A Self-Driving Bus Called ‘Future Bus’

Mercedes-Benz, Future Bus, Self-driving bus

Mercedes-Benz has done the world of self-driving and autonomous cars an enormous good deed by unveiling a self-driving concept bus they christened the ‘Future Bus.’ The unveiling was done at the beautiful city of Amsterdam in Holland today. I declared this welcome news for the industry because it is an opportunity for everybody to take a step back from all ... Read More »

Too Much Ado Over The Fatal Tesla Model X Car Crash

Tesla, Elon Musk, autopilot

When it was widely reported over a week ago that a 2016 Tesla Model X car being driven on autopilot had crashed in Pennsylvania, I barely paid the news much attention. I felt the news trended for a while because, the Model X is part of a new group of cars built with the best technology that can be fitted ... Read More »

Self-Driving Cars Are Programmed To Kill The Passenger – Study

Self-drivng car, cars, autonomous cars

The self-driving or autonomous cars have being in the news a lot lately. The hype started since Google took their self-driving car for a spin in the city if Austin last year. Since then, it’s being a case of who can make the biggest noise. Every car or tech company has bought into the idea of the self-driving car. The ... Read More »

2016 Cadillac CT6 Joins The Glitz And Glamor Of The Academy Awards

Cadillac CT6

Some firms (and people too) just love doing things differently. That is the case with General Motors, Owners of the Cadillac brand. While most luxury car manufacturers use only renowned auto shows like the just concluded Detroit Auto show or the more famous auto show in Frankfurt Germany to make a big splash about a forthcoming car, Cadillac, in addition ... Read More »

Abuja Motor Show And The Lagos Version Need To Outgrow BKG ASAP

Abuja auto show

The just concluded Detroit Auto Show got me thinking about an automobile show organized in Nigeria. I wondered why the biggest economy in Africa has no auto show to brag about. I mean there is everything to gain from manufacturers of all sorts of vehicles using a show like this for the benefit of their customers and everybody else concerned ... Read More »