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Apple’s Tim Cooks Hints On The Rumored Apple Car

Rumors of Apple building an electric car to rival Tesla has been an “open secret” for a while now. This rumors has been fueled mostly by sheer speculations and Apple’s actions. With Reports the tech giant is poaching Tesla and Samsung employees, negotiating with BMW, developing digital licence and reassigning large numbers of staff for a certain secret Project Titan, ... Read More »

Meet Strati : Finally A Car You Can Print In 24 Hours

It may not look too different from the plethoras of fancy cars flooding our roads these days — but in reality, its something so far from your average automobile. I could hop in and cruise my ‘ Strati ‘ from cape to Cairo or from Los Angeles to New york and no one would really give a shit. Well, i ... Read More »

Apple’s iCar : 5 Features That May Cause A Flop

By now, chances are we’ve all probably come across rumors of Apple’s iCar. From speculation on possible prices, Launch date to whether it’s going to be fully autonomous, electric powered and a host of other weird and not so weird speculation. Anything Apple , for some reason screams “am cute” , and has a funny way of getting lots of ... Read More »

Apple’s iCar – The Journey So Far

Rumors of Apple building an iCar have been making the rounds recently since it went viral this February. Though no official Apple source has either confirmed or debunked the rumors, more and more emerging evidence point to the fact that Apple might indeed be developing a car albeit in secret. Apple and secrets really make a good combination, so the ... Read More »

The Future of Human Drivers

If you’re reading this I’m guessing you’re wondering what all the hype about Tesla is. Well don’t wonder far. Tesla is an automobile company founded by a prolific entrepreneur and business man, Elon Musk. Well in this article you will a new upgrade to the seemingly already full bag of innovations from the Tesla. For our story today however, the electric ... Read More »

All You Should Know About the New Google Self-Driving Car – Part 2

In our last post we talked about debunking and busting some popular questions and myths surrounding self-driving cars using Google’s self-driving car as example. Now today we shall continue in our sequel.   Who built it? As is typical of Google to begin important innovations from scratch to finish, Google has also designed the car from scratch, starting with the ... Read More »

All You Should Know About the New Google Self-Driving Car – Part 3

Welcome to our final read in our series of articles geared towards debunking half truths about self-driving cars, using the Google Car as an example. You can catch up on all you’ve missed from the previous post on self driving cars here. In this our final article on this topic however, we shall be examining the limits and challenges poised ... Read More »

All You Should Know About the New Google Self-Driving Car – Part 1

So many myths and mysteries surround self driving cars. Today however, we really have a bunch on our hands. We’re going to do some myth busting. So fasten your seat belt as we examine some truths and non-truths about self-driving cars using Google’s Car as a model. Self-driving car prototype has no steering wheel, brake or accelerator pedals. So how ... Read More »

Move Over Bugatti; Say Hello to Venom GT Spyder 2015

If you’ve not already heard the old news then do so now: the Bugatti Verona is no longer the fastest car in the world! Beautiful dethronement I like to call it. Now let’s take a look at this new mystery car. The Hennessey Venom GT Spyder 2015. And here it is, rich silver paint glowing in the stark Nevada sunlight. ... Read More »

Lexus Cardboard Car?

I can already hear some folks repulsively spitting and exclaiming, “wonders shall never cease”, in mock awe! Lexus is known for their ground-breaking and controversial line of products  and innovations. Remember the Lexus Hoverboards? This time they might have however have gone a little too far. They built a full-sized car out of mere cardboard! Hey, calm your nerves! It’s ... Read More »