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It’s Now Official, Blackberry Will Never Make Smartphones Again

Blackberry never make smartphone again

It is now official. Blackberry would no longer make Blackberry phones. That sounds like an old song set to auto repeat on a cracked CD. This is because for a long time now, people have been predicting the death of the Blackberry phone. But it never quite happened officially. The Smartphone maker struggled grimly and held on to what it ... Read More »

Blackberry Classic Now Officially Declared Dead

If you haven’t being plugged-in about the affairs in Blackberry in the last couple of years, you would think the latest Blackberry new is a big thing. That Blackberry has decided to stop production of its classic phone is no big news. The phone been referred to in this case is the globally recognized hardware component of all Blackberry phones, ... Read More »

Big Blow For Blackberry! US Senate Ditch BB 10 Devices

The US Senate is dumping Blackberry 10 devices as the mobile phone of choice for its staff. The US Senate has being one of the biggest and the most loyal customers of Blackberry 10 devices. Workers in the US Senate received a note/memo early last week about the discontinuation of the use of BB10 devices as the official handset of ... Read More »

Slot Nigeria Price List Of Smartphones Of 2016 Website Tecno Samsung, Infinix, HTC etc

Slot Nigeria limited online smartphones prices, prices of slot Nigeria smartphones

Slot Nigeria Online Slot prices all cost of all the smartphones like Tecno smartphones prices at Slot, HTC smartphones prices at Slot, Samsung smartphones prices at Slot, Iphone smartphones prices at Slot, Lenovo smartphones prices at Slot, Blackberry smartphones prices at Slot, Infinix prices at slots Slot Nigeria is one of the largest smartphones mall in Nigeria, they are all ... Read More »

PayPal Knockout Blow For Blackberry, Windows And Amazon Fire


It all started in February when PayPal upgraded the mobile version of the app. PayPal made it clear it was all leading to this. Now the message is that all Android and iOS users must upgrade to the new version by the 30th of June.  For Blackberry, Windows and Amazon fire users, the message was a bit apocalyptic. They can ... Read More »

Blackberry Android Smartphone To Save Blackberry or Else…

Blackberry android smartphone

The name Blackberry is so iconic people call their Blackberry smartphones, even a Blackberry Android smartphone like Priv, by the brand name only. Just ‘Blackberry’. Like the the way iPhone users refer to their smartphones as if it is not a smartphone like all Android smartphones. Because Blackberry is an iconic brand, any news especially the negative sort, gets blown ... Read More »

Blackberry Priv: Less Than 600000 Units Sold In Fourth Quarter

Blackberry Priv

Since Blackberry lost its position as the top smartphone maker in the world, we’ve all being predicting the fall of the Canada-based company. But through a cocktail of some strategic restructuring, the company has managed to stay afloat. Some might say the appointment of John Chen as CEO in 2013, was the single most important decision of the restructuring period. ... Read More »

Blackberry Rumours: Two New Android Phones For 2016

Blackberry Rumours

In the world of smartphone, rumors of new phones are just as news worthy as news of actual phones being launched. As a matter of fact, rumors tend to become more viral a lot faster. Its likely because everybody is in a rush to break the news about a new device coming out. This is especially poignant if the expected ... Read More »

Blackberry Facebook App Now Available As A Web-Based App

Blackberry facebook app

Blackberry users would not have being looking forward to today. Last week, the Internet was awash with news about how Facebook had decided to end support for Blackberry and other old operating systems like the Symbian OS. The Facebook announcement was similar to Whatsapp’s own decision to remove itself from the Blackberry platform by the end of the year. So, ... Read More »

Blackberry Unhappy To See Facebook GO


Facebook has decided to end support for all Blackberry devices. This move by Facebook is not surprising though. At the end of last month, Whatsapp, owned by Facebook, had led the way by announcing that from the end of this year, support for all old operating systems would cease. The old OS, apart from Blackberry OS included Nokia’s S40 and ... Read More »