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Blackberry OS Market Share Now 0.0%

Blackberry facebook app

In the last two years or more, no one would have ever predicted that this would happen. Blackberry, some years back, was a very strong force to contend with. But the, things change and tables turn, and anything that goes around comes around. Read more: Blackberry Releases Its BBM Enterprise Software Development Kit (SDK) Today, even the other operating systems that ... Read More »

Blackberry Releases Its BBM Enterprise Software Development Kit (SDK)

Blackberry never make smartphone again

Blackberry has announced it is making available to developers its software development kit (SDK). With the SDK, developers will be able to integrate secure messaging, voice and video capabilities into applications and services. It also marks the entrance of Blackberry into the Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) market. Read more: Blackberry Looks To Ford Self-Driving Cars To Resume World Domination In ... Read More »

Photos Of “Blackberry Mercury” Emerge At CES 2017

Blacberry mercury Hands-on photo

So, we just got something from the Consumer Electronic Show, CES 2017 and guess what? We’ve got images for you. While there are no specs yet for us to review, we can make do – for now – with the images that have surfaced online. The images of the Blackberry Mercurry Hands-on. Before now, there have been rumours about some ... Read More »

Whatsapp Has Stopped Working On Some Devices

Mtn wants FG to ban whatsapp

First of all, it appears some people are still living in the past else who can give me a convincing reason why he/she is still using some of these phones released about seven years ago as their main phone. Well, it seems Whatsapp would be helping them get rid of it – if it is the greatest reason for use ... Read More »

Glo Discontinues Blackberry Internet Service (B.I.S)

After saving a lot of Nigerian from being drowned by the flood of high data prices, “the grandmasters of data” has hit us with one unexpected and very sad news. Yes, you guessed right. They would no more be the “grandmasters of data” as they have chosen to break the hearts of blackberry users and a lot of android users ... Read More »

Chinese Company, TCL To Make Blackberry Branded Phones

TCL Logo

“BlackBerry is gone and gone for life, hum ha, gone for life”. At least this was what most people thought – that the brand blackberry was coming to an eternal death. But then, I have news for you, which might not be so exciting to some and might be the news of the century to others, there would still be ... Read More »

Blackberry Looks To Ford Self-Driving Cars To Resume World Domination

Blackberry, Ford, sign agreement

Blackberry announced that it had reached an agreement with Ford Motors to be involved in Ford’s Vision for self-driving cars. Ford hope to start active production and sale of these cars by the year 2025. Thought Ford hope that six years from now, they would have started producing self-driving taxis (about 100,000 units a year) for taxi companies wishing to ... Read More »

It’s Now Official, Blackberry Will Never Make Smartphones Again

Blackberry never make smartphone again

It is now official. Blackberry would no longer make Blackberry phones. That sounds like an old song set to auto repeat on a cracked CD. This is because for a long time now, people have been predicting the death of the Blackberry phone. But it never quite happened officially. The Smartphone maker struggled grimly and held on to what it ... Read More »

Blackberry Classic Now Officially Declared Dead

If you haven’t being plugged-in about the affairs in Blackberry in the last couple of years, you would think the latest Blackberry new is a big thing. That Blackberry has decided to stop production of its classic phone is no big news. The phone been referred to in this case is the globally recognized hardware component of all Blackberry phones, ... Read More »

Big Blow For Blackberry! US Senate Ditch BB 10 Devices

The US Senate is dumping Blackberry 10 devices as the mobile phone of choice for its staff. The US Senate has being one of the biggest and the most loyal customers of Blackberry 10 devices. Workers in the US Senate received a note/memo early last week about the discontinuation of the use of BB10 devices as the official handset of ... Read More »