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Apple to Open New Campus “Apple Park” In April – Photos

Apple campus

Popular and one of the biggest smartphone makers, Apple has built a new campus and this one is located in California, Cupertino to be precise. Read more: Apple To Debut First Ever Wireless Charging Feature With iPhone 8 Apple has announced today that Apple Park, the company’s new 175-acre campus, will be ready for employees to begin occupying in April. The process ... Read More »

Apple To Debut First Ever Wireless Charging Feature With iPhone 8

iPhone 7 money wasted

If trends are to be followed squarely and rumors/reports are to be held with any form of credibility, then it is expected that   Apple  launches the iPhone 8 later this year. Some have even reported that they are expected to launch three different phones this year. Well, its not the launching that is our problem now, its what comes ... Read More »

Apple Inc. Cuts Tim Cook’s Salary by $1.5 Million For Missing 2016’s Sales Target

Apple has cut her CEO Tim Cook’s salary by $1.5 million as the company missed its revenue and profit goals for the business year 2016. Now that’s huge chunk of money if you ask me. According to a regulatory filing on Friday whch was made available WSJ, Cook’s compensation for 2016 was cut from $10.28 million in 2015 to $8.75 million ... Read More »

Apple’s AirPods Are Unrepairable and Unrecyclable

Hey people, the Apple AirPods is in the news again! While Apple CEO reiterated that the AirPods were a runaway success some days back, a report by iFixit doesn’t agree with Tim Cook. Word is, the delayed release of the AirPods was because Apple Inc. was not finished with the product before they jumped right onto announcement. According to iFixit, ... Read More »

AirPods Are A Runaway Success – Apple CEO

Of course it is no longer news that Apple removed the 3.5mm earphone jack on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. This move by Apple is undoubtedly a smart “business” move, a move that’s likely to rake in millions and billions of dollars to Apple coffers. READ MORE: List Of Top Ten Apps In 2016: Where Does Facebook And Google’s ... Read More »

“Microsoft To Become The First Trillion Dollar Company”

LinkedIn to be blocked in Russia

Right now, tech companies are one of the biggest in the world, and their owners, some of the richest people on this planet. People like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Larry Page are all owners or CEOs of tech companies and all three of them are on the 1st ten billionaires list. Tech actually pays. Read more; Microsoft Angry At Google For ... Read More »

Nokia Sues Apple For Patent Right Infringement

Nokia vs Apple

Nokia has been making headlines of recent which should not be a matter to be questioned as they are about to release their first Nokia Android smartphones cum February. What should be questioned is the type of headlines they are making. While there are headlines which revolve round their soon-to-be launched phones, there are also some which suggests a publicity ... Read More »

Apple’s 2017 Handsets Would Be iPhone 7S & iPhone 7S Plus – Report

iPhone 7 3.5mm port drilling video

As stated on wikipedia, Apple has released ten generations of iPhone models, each accompanied by one of the ten major releases of the iOS operating system. The original 1st-generation iPhone was a GSM phone and established design precedents, such as a button placement that has persisted throughout all releases and a screen size maintained for the next four iterations. Read more; “iphone7’s ... Read More »

“We Welcome All Switchers” – Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook

Samsung customers might switch to apple

Apple recently announced its results for its fiscal fourth quarter – precisely yesterday. With 45.4 million units sold, the company is slightly below last year’s number of 48.04 million phones sold in Q4, but still topped Wall Street analysts’ expectations of 44.8 million. >> Apple To Report Drop In Revenue For First Time Since 2001 Well, one cannot but imagine the ... Read More »

Apple To Report Drop In Revenue For First Time Since 2001

French man smashes iPhones, Mac

Since 2001, Apple’s revenue has been on an upward spiral. The company’s revenue has never dropped for the past 14 years. The last time it dropped was in 2001, when it reported a 33% drop in revenue from the $7.98 billion in 2000 to $5.36 billion in the next year. Well, that revenue increase streak is about to stop, and ... Read More »