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Android Now World’s Most Popular OS For Internet Usage, Surpasses Windows

How to buy an Android tab

If a poll was to be carried out today on what operating system is the most popular, most used, most anything, I’m pretty sure it would be the Android operating system. When you look around, it would seem like all the phones around run on the Android OS. Though Windows might be popular due to the presence of most PCs ... Read More »

AT LAST! Super Mario Run Now Live On Android

Super Mario run

The long awaited and most hyped game by Nintendo, Super Mario Run has finally keep to its promises and made a debut on the android operating system. Recall that the game was released on the iOS platform late last year, 2016. READ MORE: Super Mario Run Breaks Pokémon Go’s App Store Record One thing that has always been in speculation is ... Read More »

Meet BlackBerry’s First DUAL-SIM Smartphone

Blackberry Aurora

So from the very beginning, all blackberry phones only had support for one type of Sim. Who would have thought they would have upgraded to two like every other person, especially given the fact that their brand has been hit with different predictions about going out of the market. Read more: Blackberry OS Market Share Now 0.0% Well, it seems the ... Read More »

Blackberry OS Market Share Now 0.0%

Blackberry facebook app

In the last two years or more, no one would have ever predicted that this would happen. Blackberry, some years back, was a very strong force to contend with. But the, things change and tables turn, and anything that goes around comes around. Read more: Blackberry Releases Its BBM Enterprise Software Development Kit (SDK) Today, even the other operating systems that ... Read More »

How To Use ‘Do Not Disturb’ Feature On Android

How to buy an Android tab

I’m pretty sure a lot of you all – like me – must have been in situations where you would have loved to abhor any form of un/necessary disturbance from your android smartphone. For me, this mode could come like once in two years. Read more: How To Start A Facebook Live Video On iOS And Android Well, it seems the ... Read More »

How To Make Snapchat Use Less Data & Battery On Android

best android iphone apps 2016

You would agree totally with me that there is hardly any mobile application which does not have a lasting and tangible effect on its host phone’s battery and data – where applicable. How large the size of an application is could really be a determining factor in all of this, amongst other things. Read more; ‘Hacking’ Snapchat’s Spectacles Is Damn Easy; ... Read More »

Smartphone Manufacturers Can’t Customize Notification System On Android Nougat 7

Apparently, Google will no longer smartphone manufacturers customize the look of the notification tray or system on any of their devices that will feature the Android Nougat 7. READ MORE: Check Out Leaked Specifications Of The Upcoming Infinix Note 4 & Note 4 Pro Over the years as the Android Operating System evolved and gained more popularity and grounds, the Google-owned ... Read More »

VERY DURABLE! Nokia 6 Android Smartphone Cracks A Walnut – Video

Nokia 6 Android smartphone images

It isn’t news anymore that Nokia just released their first phone this year – the Nokia 6 Android smartphone. Well, to me, it seems they have decided to carry us back memory lane, back to the days of the strong legendary Nokia 3310 that amongst other things, can be used to “pluck a fruit from its tree” as the durability ... Read More »

Android Statistics For Month Of January

Android Nougat update for Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge

Why a certain chunk of people would be willing to just live in the past is what is beyond me. There are certain versions of the Android operating system which should not even be used by the “Homo habilis” in this period and time. Well, it seems some people are already having the same line of thoughts as me, at ... Read More »

Reasons You’re Always Seeing Frustrating Captchas Online And How To Bypass Them

Human or robot

There are many things that could frustrate you while you are surfing the net and trying to access certain sites, but the one that could be most frustrating is when you are repeatedly asked to input “captchas” just so you prove your humanity. Have you ever tried accessing certain web pages – sometimes even Google – only for them to ... Read More »