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Google Allo Update 2.0 Is Here, With New Features

Google Allo tips and tricks

Google Allo, an instant messaging mobile app developed by Google which launched in september this year has received its first update. Allo 2.0 is currently in the process of rolling out through the Play Store. Google Allo includes a virtual assistant and provides a “smart reply” function that allows users to reply without typing, but seems the newest update is ... Read More »

Brand New Google Wallpapers App: Pimp Your Smartphone Homescreen

Google Wallpapers app

I am tempted to belief Google were thinking of people like me when they launched a new app known as Wallpapers. The name of the app gives a everything away I guess. No need to bother thinking it is an ordinary name for something fancy. It is just an app to help your personalize your phone’s home screen. With all ... Read More »

How To Remotely Install Apps On Your Android Phone Using A PC

Remotely installing android apps on phone with pc

I wouldn’t say the ability to install Android apps on your phone without actually touching your phone is the best thing about the Android OS. I mean, there are so many awesome features about Android it’s hard to put your finger on just one and declare it the best. If you do spend time on your laptop or computer a ... Read More »

Is Crocodile Browser, Created By Two Nigerian Kids, Faster Than Chrome?

Crocodile Browser, Internet, Android apps

I first heard about the Crocodile browser sometime last year. It caught my eye, just like many other people because it was developed by two Nigerian teenage brothers. You see, it is not every day you hear that Nigerians developers get to make things like a browser. Not to talk of Nigerian teenagers. Osine Ikhianosime (14) and his elder brother ... Read More »

Asus Chromebook Flip Is The First PC To Have Google Play Store!

Chromebook, Asus, Play Store

It has finally happened. And just as was promised at this year’s Google I/O conference, the Play Store has arrived at a computer near you. That is if that PC is Chromebook. Not just any Chromebook though, it has to be the Asus Chromebook Flip. That means if your own an Asus Chromebook Flip, you can now run millions of ... Read More »

Android Apps Awards: Best 2016 App Is An Augmented Reality App

android apps awards

The first ever Google Android Apps awards for the best game and apps in Google Play Store took me by surprise. I pride myself in staying on top the news from Google and other tech giants that aim to take over my life with their product and services. But this so called Android Apps awards just went under my radar ... Read More »

2016 Google I/O: The Top Announcements From Google’s #1 Event

google I/O

The biggest 3 days in Google kicked off on Wednesday. Google I/O is the annual event all Android enthusiasts look forward too. Always held in California, this year’s event was no different. Though it had one notable difference. This was the first time the event would hold after the shake up of the tech firm saw it become a subsidiary ... Read More »

Google Trips, Android App To Handle Your Itinerary Being Tested

Google Trips

Google is reportedly  developing a new app to be known as Google Trips. Like the name suggests, it is going to be an dedicated to all things travel. Other interesting and useful features are included to make it look more versatile than it actually is. It is a Google app after all. You might be tempted to think  Trips is ... Read More »

Android Apps And Google Play Store Could Be Heading To Chrome OS

Android apps

The news that Google Play Store could now be on its way to our PC’s is huge. Android apps coming to your nearby computer is just awesome. But before you get carried away, first of, understand that the news is still at the stage of probability and secondly, the Android apps would can be launched only on Chromebook and computers ... Read More »

Alemarah App, Taliban’s Propaganda Tool, Removed From Play Store

Alemarah app

Most of the world never heard of the Alemarah app for Android phones until Google moved against it over the weekend. After being reported by SITE Intel group (an organization that tracks the online activities of violent Islamist groups) on Friday, Google promptly removed the app from Play store the next day. The Alemarah app was created by the Taliban. ... Read More »