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Somali Welcomes First On-Demand Taxi Hailing Service

Taxi apps, ride-hailing services, taxi-hailing services, you’re getting my gist, right? The rise of taxi apps has been astonishing.

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When we thought we’d have a short break from taxi apps and the accolade surrounding it, Somalia stepped up its game by launching its very first on-demand taxi hailing service -the name being “ Waryaa Taxi”- which is available for bookings directly from smartphones and PCs, whichever you may like.

Directly from a smartphone or PC, using Waryaa Taxi’s app or the web, you can book a taxi to various destinations. Waryaa Taxi’s app comes with different language features as it covers the regional languages –Somali, English, French, Swahili and Ahmaric- another interesting feature of Waryaa Taxi’s app is that you can book a ride even when the internet connection seems very bad; you can also book rides from a phone call to the call center which will assign a driver straight to you.

The cars used by Waryaa Taxi are fully licensed, so also their drivers. Background-checks have been done on the drivers to know if he’s an alcoholic or has unpleasant issues. Measures have been taken so that you can feel safe during your ride to your destination. The drivers have gone through trainings to make them conversant with the Waryaa Taxi app usage and its different features.

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“Waryaa Taxi is a creation of individuals who were tired of overpaying for taxis. They were also concerned about the security of many taxis in the region. Waryaa Taxi is safe, cheap and convenient. The application connects taxi drivers and passengers allowing them to experience a fast, convenient and safe ride, at just a tap of button,” said Omar Kodah, Waryaa Taxi’s co-founder/C.E.O.

The taxi hailing service has its availability in only Hargeisa. No worries, as the service will soon be launched in Somalia’s capital city, Mogadishu and also to be launched in North East Somalia ans Puntland regions.

The service, as it is looking to grow its presence rapidly is seeking for seasoned drivers and sourcing for more funds in order to be a household name in the Somalian nation.

Neighboring nations such as Kenya, Ethiopia, etc. won’t be left out as Waryaa Taxi have set plans in motion to make the startup available there too.

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