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Twitter CEO’s Account Got Suspended Today; What Happened?!

Twitter CEO account suspended, Jack dorsey

For a brief period today, the world thought Twitter had finally thrown in the towel or are in the final stages of doing so. How else would one explain the fact that for some time, people who tried to view Jack Dorsey’s (CEO of Twitter) Twitter timeline saw the customary message that follows the suspension of an account? Perhaps, some ... Read More »

Tesla Acquires SolarCity, Another Piece In Elon Musk’s Ultimate Vision

Tesla finally acquire SolarCity

Elon Musk has a vision. One of the pieces of making that vision become reality fell into place when SolarCity¬†officially became a part of Tesla yesterday. Nobody really knows what Elon Musk’s vision is. All we know is that he has been in the news a lot lately either buying up things or telling us about the things he would ... Read More »

Cheap High Speed Internet Coming Soon Via SpaceX’s 4,425 Satellites

SpaceX to launch 4425 satellites

Elon Musk, well known as the CEO of Tesla Motors, yesterday applied for a license with the US Federal Communications Communications (FCC), to be allowed to send 4425 satellites to orbit the planet and provide high speed internet service to people around the world. You have to admire people like Elon Musk. They are the modern day visionaries who think ... Read More »

Snapchat Begs Wall Street For $4 Billion In IPO Filing

Snapchat $4 billion IPO

Almost exactly five weeks to the day Snapchat made a double announcement of Spectacles and a name change to a more corporate sounding Snapchat Inc; and the possibility of an IPO in March next year; the company finally filed papers with the relevant authorities that would value the company at $25 billion. The IPO for the fast growing company seeks ... Read More »

Russia To Block LinkedIn; Facebook, Twitter, Others On Red Alert

LinkedIn to be blocked in Russia

Russia has fired the first shot in its attempt to muzzle foreign tech firms from operating without tight government regulation in the country. The unfortunate firm in the line of fire is LinkedIn, the website for professionals to connect with each other. Yesterday, a court in the country passed judgement that the social networking website breached major aspects of Russia’s ... Read More »

Microsoft Angry At Google For Revealing Serious Security Flaw In Windows

Google reveal security vulnerability windows

The folks at Microsoft are not happy that Google decided to tell the world that Windows ¬†has an easily exploitable vulnerability through Adobe Flash. As far as Microsoft is concerned, the people at Google are snitches for giving out the info. In a statement to The Verge, a spokesperson for Microsoft said that this ….disclosure by Google puts customers at ... Read More »

Blackberry Looks To Ford Self-Driving Cars To Resume World Domination

Blackberry, Ford, sign agreement

Blackberry announced that it had reached an agreement with Ford Motors to be involved in Ford’s Vision for self-driving cars. Ford hope to start active production and sale of these cars by the year 2025. Thought Ford hope that six years from now, they would have started producing self-driving taxis (about 100,000 units a year) for taxi companies wishing to ... Read More »

Tesla Owner To Solve Our Power Problems With Solar Roofs

Elon Musk Powerall 2 Solar roofs

Elon Musk of Tesla is not just content with selling hybrid cars, now he wants to be in charge of the homes you are building for yourself and your family. For now he is concentrating on the roof of the house and how it can be utilized to provide free, renewable energy for your household. The solution for him is ... Read More »

Qualcomm Just Splashed $47 Billion On NXP In Bid To Dominate The Industry

Qualcomm buy NXP $47 billion

Qualcomm just made a statement of intent to the tech world by shelling out $47 bullion to buy NXP, a company that made its name by making semiconductors and chips used in wireless communication. Basically, Qualcomm is buying over a company that would complement Qualcomm’s core business. Not many people know NXP. It’s original name was Philips Semiconductors, which is ... Read More »

Smartphone Battery (Li-ion) That Would Last A Lifetime Invented…..

Nanowires batteries invented university of california

Who wouldn’t want a battery that would last forever? I mean, imagine a situation where you would never have to replace the battery in your smartphone, laptop, or all the other gadgets that use lithium-ion batteries. Sure, you would have to keep charging them after using them for a while. But the point with such a battery is that you ... Read More »