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Seven (7) Things You Must Be To Build A Successful Startup

Every blessed day – even unblessed ones too – almost always witness the making and breaking of a whole lots of startups in the eco system. Many startups fold up as a result of a variety of factors which might range from the not too convenient startup environment we have in Nigeria, to the sheer and pure ignorance of the right step to take by the startup founder.

I, for one, see startup like a very small baby. It is only pertinent that you build it, and with care too while not forgetting that a wrong step taken might have a very long lasting effect on the characteristics of that baby.

Here in this post, I bring to you seven (7) things you must be if you want to build a successful startup. While these are not surefire ways to build your startup and lead it to stardom, it is important that you do these things. You’d just have to stay with me.

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  1. Be Creative

If (when) you build your startup, right from the idea stage to the execution stage to the running stage and as many stages as you might be involved in, one thing that should always ooze out of your soul is creativity. The difference between the normal real estate agents on the streets and the founders of is how creative the latter were to bring their service to an online platform while making much more money.

  1. Be the solution

People are faced with very different problems in their everyday lives and one thing that’ll really work for you well if you proffer or provide a solution to this problem. Once, if you do not submit your CV to a thousand places, there’s no way you could be aware of a job opening in at least ten (10) of these places. Jobberman must have seen this problem and they put an end to it.

  1. Be Foresighted

I like to think that the likes of Jumia and Konga took a gamble on the Nigerian ecommerce sector, which actually paid off for them. Some years back, no one had thought online shopping would be this rampant but I’m guess Jumia and Konga, the leaders of the industry had this foresight which propelled their launch. You want your startup to still be alive in a few more years, please try to have a foresight of almost everything.

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  1. Be flexible

It is no hidden fact that the most constant thing in this life is change, so as a startup founder, it would be advisable to be flexible so when this change comes knocking, you won’t be left with very few choices. Have you noticed that the world gradually evolved from just text only social apps, to photos and videos too, and Facebook served these interests with whatsapp and instagram, while facebook covered the two. Be like Facebook.

  1. Be Vigilant

Many startups have competition right from their birth, some are already competitors. But be as it may, one thing you must take very seriously as a competitor is how vigilant you are. If Jumia is not on its feet today, Konga would surely NOT waste time to gain all their market share. now, you don’t have to sling muds to your competitors but be vigilant enough to know when to make certain moves. Alack of vigilance could be the beginning of the end for your startup.

  1. Be persistent

Except if you’re Google Allo, I have come to discover that persistence actually is a tool to be used in business, and by extension the startup valley. This idea doesn’t beak grounds? Fine tune it, push it again. Do this again and again until you hit the G spot (please be modest here).

  1. Be like everyone

We’ve always accused facebook for wanting to be like Snapchat with the introduction of stories feature on virtually all of their platforms. To me, they do not want to be like Snapchat, they only took a cue from Snapchat. This leads me to leave this last message for founders or emerging entrepreneurs, if you must build a very successful startup, then you have the right to take a cue from everyone else.

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So here we are, with seven (7) things you should be if you must build a successful startup. Be sure to put them into proper practice, as you let us know your sincere thoughts in the comment section.

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