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Provided that human wants are insatiable, there’s bound to be complaints from customers about a company’s product or service. It is a business norm for customers to be unsatisfied with a company’s product or service; how the company addresses such issues is one of the key determinants of the company’s customer base. Sometimes, the company addresses the issue in their best way but the customers still seem unsatisfied.

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In order to bridge this gap, a customer-focused service, has been launched to make business-customer relationship better. is a service that focuses on the Nigerian business market. helps to balance the equation between the two parties by listening to the party that has complaints and also listens to the company in question; then puts forward a resolution that’ll make both parties satisfied, thereby compensating the customer.

The founder of, Subomi Owo- Odusi said the service is built on a platform that seeks to make customers complaints can be heard and solutions can be rendered to them.

“We are changing the tone of the conversation, making sure customer service is taken a lot more seriously in today’s society. Everyday, I see more than one complaint about customer service somewhere in Nigeria and it goes to say that we sincerely have a problem and it must be tackled,” said Owo-Odusi.

He added, “That’s why we are here, to get it resolved. It won’t always be smooth sailing but you must go ahead and #startsomething. Take the bull by the horn!”

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A feature that makes unique is its unbiased judgement. Complaints by consumers that lack genuineness are put aside. The platform also doesn’t take bribes or take sides. For this reason –not being biased- is not only about the customers but also about the company. It seeks to maintain a company’s image because a single customer’s complaint might damage a company that has been in existence for a long time. has received appraisal from the Consumers Protection Council (CPC) said through its official twitter page, “@_subomio @resolve_ng CPC appreciates innovations like and wishes the platform great success.” is currently operating in Nigeria but it still seeks to expand across Africa. I believe this will be achieved if companies seek more of the startup’s services.

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