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Infinix Note 3 Gets Android 7.0 Update: See How To Update

Android Nougat update for Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge

Earlier this month, a list of smartphones was released by infinix that’ll be getting the Android v7.0 Nougat update, even when a beta version started rolling out to Infinix Note 3 and Note 3 Pro just to test the stability of this OS with Infinix devices. READ MORE: 19 Awesome New Android Nougat Features You Need To Know (1) The Android ... Read More »

Users Of Windows 7 Are Facing Enormous Dangers – Windows

  One of Windows most successful OS and also one of the most widely accepted operating systems from the OS-box of Microsoft will be no more – I mean will be dead soon!- in a matter of years, if not months. In simple English – you didn’t just read french though. LOL- it would be safe to say that death ... Read More »

Android Statistics For Month Of January

Android Nougat update for Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge

Why a certain chunk of people would be willing to just live in the past is what is beyond me. There are certain versions of the Android operating system which should not even be used by the “Homo habilis” in this period and time. Well, it seems some people are already having the same line of thoughts as me, at ... Read More »

5 Best Movie Streaming/Download Apps For Android Device

Are you an Android OS user? Do you occasionally get bored using your Android device or Smartphone? Are you a movie lover? Or not? Did you answer Yes to a large portion of the question? Then this article was definitely concocted for you! Just read on. Movies are undoubtedly the best potion to boredom strike hours or periods. Having a long ... Read More »

Windows 10 Hits 400 Million Installs

Windows hit 400 Million installs

Windows 10 is now running on 400 million active devices worldwide, Microsoft has announced. This is a significant milestone for the OS, considering troubled adoption rates on mobile. “Active devices”, in this case, are defined as devices that have been active in the last 28 days. The number of installs has grown quite a bit since May, when Microsoft hit ... Read More »

Lockmycash To Ensure Online Transactions Are More Satisfactory And Desirable


online merchant transaction fees, paypal merchant transaction fees, online merchant processing services, online merchant credit card processing, restaurant merchant processing, accept credit card payments, online without merchant account, online payment services like paypal, what is online merchant. Online products buying has been on the increase, E- commerce has been doing well and has continued to advance among Nigerians but the ... Read More »

19 Awesome New Android Nougat Features You Need To Know (3)

Android Nougat important new features

This is the concluding part of the awesome features of Android Nougat. You can read the first part here, while the second part is here. Instant, fast reply Replying to messages from apps like Facebook, Google Hangouts or Messenger can be done directly from the notification. Which means you don’t have to open the apps to reply to the message.  ... Read More »

19 Awesome New Android Nougat Features You Need To Know (2)

Android Nougat important new features

Read the first part of the new important features of Android Nougat here 7.Set different wallpaper for lockscreen Why it took this long for this feature to become available is anyone’s guess. Maybe the Android development team had too many things to think about they never came round to doing something this easy and obvious. But now it is here. ... Read More »

19 Awesome New Android Nougat Features You Need To Know (1)

Android Nougat important new features

Those with the latest Nexus devices might already be enjoying the new Android OS known as Nougat. Nougat was launched not too long ago and the first mobile phones sporting the OS would soon be released. Other reputable OEMs have already released a scheduled when they would send updates to users of their devices. While you are awaiting those updates, ... Read More »

Check When Your Smartphone Would Get Android Nougat Update

Android Nougat updates, Android smartphones

Since Google announced that their new operating system, code named Nougat, would be shipped out with the new Nexus phones. Android users around the world have being waiting anxiously for their own OEMs to give them a definite date when the new OS would be pushed to their phones. Upgrading to a new OS is normally done by downloading the ... Read More »