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OFFICIAL: Computer Village Will Be Relocated By LASG

The popular gadget community, Computer Village will be relocated by the Lagos State Government (LASG). Computer Village will now be moved to ICT Park, Katangowa, Agbado. This was announced during the 2017 Press Briefing held today. The decision was made as part of the plans to transform the central economic city in Nigeria to a mega city.

Computer Village is a market that majors in the sales, repairs maintenance of things related to technology. Computer Village is a community that comprises of phone stores, gadget stores, computer stores, phone engineers, computer engineers, and software engineers to mention a few. Computer Village is located in Ikeja, the capital city of Lagos, Nigeria.

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Previously, there has been news the Government of Lagos State was planning to move Computer Village to another location. This met displeasing reactions from the residents, workers and even patronizers of the hub.

Well, the previous news about intending to relocate Computer Village is now concrete with the official announcement made at the Press Briefing today.

Lagos State Government official Twitter handle @followlasg in a tweet said, LASG has decided to relocate Computer Village to ICT Park in Katangowa in Agbado/Okeodo LCDA #Y2017PressBriefing”

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The Lagos State Government stated that the purpose of Computer Village is to reduce the population density of the market, to reduce the overcrowding and to reduce the traffic congestion that’s a norm in the area.

The Government of Lagos emphasized the importance of the relocation by tweeting through its twitter page, @followlasg said, “The relocation will curb environmental degradation, housing stock deficit and traffic congestion in the Ikeja axis #Y2017PressBriefing”

The fact that the market wasn’t put in place by the Lagos State Government neither was the market developed by the Government springs a question to one’s mind : How feasible is it for the Government of Lagos to implement this decision?

Considering the massive customer base that this hub commands, relocating Computer Village might reduce the customer base drastically, and also reduce the amount of workers in the community. The Village is believed to have more patronizing customers due to the fact that it’s in the Capital city of Lagos, Ikeja.

Relocating Computer Village is sure to have a deep impact on the market. The impact, I hope is more of good than bad.

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