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Apple To Introduce Group Calling Feature To FaceTime On The iOs 11

Apple’s FaceTime has been in existence for up to a 7 years now and ever since, it has only provided video calls support between two parties alone. Despite this, the FaceTime is one of the world’s most used video calling application and platform. DON’T MISS: TECHPRODUCTS’ MID-JANUARY TECH DOSE Now according to a report emmanating from Israel through The Verifier – a ... Read More »

MTN To Discontinue Blackberry Internet Services By The End of January

Just like Globacom, MTN will also end all its Blackberry Internet Services plan at the end of January 2017. It would be recalled that Globacam, the self acclaimed Grandmasters of Data earlier discontinued its Blackberry internet services (B.I.S) on December 17th, 2016 (READ HERE) . However, it is very well on record that it was Etisalat that initiated the discontinuity ... Read More »

MALWAREBYTES Finds The First Mac Malware Of 2017 – Apple Calls It ‘FRUITFLY’

While many are of the opinion that the Apple’s MacOS, fomerly OS X, is completely free of malware, in fact so free that you don’t need to run any third party software to protect your system against it, Malwarebytes just proved such opinions to be null and void. DON’T MISS: TECHPRODUCTS’ MID-JANUARY TECH DOSE Some researchers at security software company, Malwarebytes have found ... Read More »

See How Emojis Can Crash Your iPhone

Yes! Emojis can now crash your iPhone To all iPhone users out there, there is a new video in circulation that shows how to crash an iPhone by sending a text that contains emojis. Still don’t believe it? Just read on. DON’T MISS: TECHPRODUCTS’ MID-JANUARY TECH DOSE The video was uploaded by the popular YouTube prankster EverythingApplePro . In the video, ... Read More »

GLT Launches App for Taxi Services – Unveils Various Vehicle Options Including Vans

Like every other app of its kind (Uber, Taxify etc), the “GLT rider app” is all out to make taxi bookings easy and stress-free. GLT also aims to provide the best customer experience to its users or customers. DON’T MISS: TECHPRODUCTS’ MID-JANUARY TECH DOSE Aside being a cab/taxi ordering service, the GLT Partner App is also a job creating service as ... Read More »

MOZILLA Changes Brand Identity – Unveils New Logo

MOZILLA, the non-profit oriented organization in charge of maintaining the Firefox browser has undergone a significant renovation that seem to be an all-round turnaround of the company – for the better of course. The changes goes round almost everything; their logo, font, color palette, language architecture, and even imagery. Of the most outstanding change is the change in the company’s ... Read More »

How To Reduce The Size Of Files On iPhone

It is really very agreeable that in this current world of today, mobile devices have become an integral part of human lives. You would also agree with me that they are gradually replacing computers and laptops – though I’m not sure if they totally can. As such, smartphone users tend to keep alot of information, documents and media files on ... Read More »

AT&T Officially Shuts Down 2G Network

AT&T first announced that it was shutting down its 2G network about four years ago. Also the network provider is said to have kept in constant contact with partners and customers who were still relying on 2G radios for the minimal exchange of information for business infrastructure, recreational, IoT or M2M. DON’T MISS ==> TECHPRODUCTS’ MID-JANUARY TECH DOSE However, yesterday, AT&T has ... Read More »

RUMOUR : Samsung Galaxy S8 Could Sell For N286,000

With various rumours about the next flagship from the smartphone giant already making grounds, more and more rumours just keep on coming. I’m not so sure we will get enough rumors. DON’T MISS: TECHPRODUCTS’ MID-JANUARY TECH DOSE The latest of the rumours however is not specification related, rather has to do with price. It is being said that the Samsung Galaxy ... Read More »

LG G6 Won’t Blow Up – LG Promises

2016 was certainly not a year that would be forgotten anytime soon in the Tech world. One occurence or event that made last year memorable was the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco – the first phone to be nicknamed a “Grenade”. However, Samsung has released a report stating why such explosions occurred in the Note 7. Be sure to read ... Read More »