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2016 STATS: Nigerian Spent $6.6 Billion On Calls & Data

Telecoms reject Phone calls tax

I must say that some Nigerians even spend more on calls, airtime and data than they spend on the food they eat. A report was released by The Nation releasing figures of how much Nigerians spent on calls and data in the past year, and I must tell you that its not a small amount. READ MORE: Gmail For Android Now ... Read More »

Unpaid Loans: Etisalat May Be Taken Over By Local Banks

Etisalat Nigeria 4G LTE launched

Now this is what I call a ‘hostile takeover’ – or about to. According to reports on The Nation, a couple of banks in the country may have to take over the management of Etisalat over unpaid loans. The said report did not state specifically how much was borrowed, but it did specify that Etisalat had already started lobbying the ... Read More »

Xiaomi Launches Its own Processor – Surge S1

Xiaomi logo

MUST READ: TECHPRODUCTS’ FEBRUARY TECH DOSE When Samsung is busy hoarding processors just to leave competitors stuck, Xiaomi has decided to do more than just that as they have just launched their very own processor. It seems like the competitors Samsung want to leave stuck, are looking to move on. While a lot of other Phone makers still depend on the powerful ... Read More »


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Hey guys.. we’re now in the month of February and as tradition demands, we have brought to our darling reader the tech dose for this month. Trust me, no over dose and no under dosage. For those who might have missed the mid-january dose you can read that RIGHT HERE. You would surely enjoy that. The month of February is filled with or was filled with a whole lot of tech activities which I’d be outlining them for you one after the other. Trust me not to miss any vital detail out of it. And please, be sure to share this post immediately after reading, we’ll be extremely glad. So techies, let’s move. NOKIA, THE KING OF COMEBACK. In all the activities that occurred in the month of February, one that actually caught lots of attentions was the way at which the people at HMD GLOBAL – the company making Nokia branded phones has proved to be the best thing that happened to the resurrection of these phones. First on their list was the advent of the introduction of the NOKIA 6 Smartphone which was the brand’s first official android powered smartphone. Yes, they did it. But then, we’ve got a lot to talk about this. The Nokia 6 was highly welcome by the folks at the smartphone market – I mean by everyone, me and you inclusive – and to the extent that it actually was sold out in less than a minute. Now, of that isn’t genius enough, I don’t know what is. Talking of the special abilities of this phone, I couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw a video proving how strong the Nokia 6 is. Would you believe that the smartphone could actually crack a walnut? Now, close your mouth and let us continue. This was how slowly and steadily, Nokia penetrated their way into the hearts of millions of smartphone users. Still talking on Nokia, there was a report that the Nokia 6 may get a lower version – the Nokia Heart. Another report also held that Nokia was planning to Nokia was planning to ... Read More »

Bill Gates Thinks Robots Should Pay Taxes

Bill Gates plans to lauch chicken foundation to African communities to end poverty

We all know for a well known fact that the rise of robots in any industry would surely reduce the number of employees needed by that industry. But then, some people – including one of the richest men in the world – think that these robots should pay taxes too, since they work in the capacity of humans. Read more: Bill ... Read More »

“UberHIRE”: Uber Launches New Service In India

nuTonomy, Grab, Driverless taxis

UBER, an American worldwide online transportation network company headquartered in San Francisco, California has launched in India, a new service to its big pool of services and it calls this one the UberHIRE. UberHIRE enables users to hire cars in India, and this is to be done in an unconventional way. One unique thing about the UberHIRE service is that ... Read More »

Photos: Adolf Hitler’s Personal Telephone Is Up For Auction

So amongst all legends that we have (or have had) on this planet earth, the only person’s telephone that could have gone on auction is Adolf Hitlers’. Read more: Infinix Note 3 Pro Price In Nigeria, Specs And Review Well, for the “indomie generation” whom have heard nothing about Adolf Hitler, he was a German politician and was the leader of the ... Read More »

How To Start A Facebook Live Video On iOS And Android

Facebook Live is an innovative and interactive way to share what you’re doing while you are doing it on Facebook – be it an event, a rump or brawl, a race, a make-up tutorial, cycling, swimming and so on. Facebook Live gives you the platform to get that done. Today, we’ll be showingyou how to share live video update on ... Read More »

See The First Real Image Of The Samsung Galaxy S8 – To Be Released March 29

Evan Nelson Blass, once known solely by his pen name @evleaks, is an American blogger, editor, and phone leaker. Guess what… He just did the whole tech world a huge favour of relieving their agitation and thirst for the Galaxy S8 by leaking the first ever real and genuine picture/image of what the Galaxy S8 will look like. See image ... Read More »

RUMOUR: Nokia 6 May Get A Lower Version – The Nokia Heart

Given that the Nokia 6 reportedly got sold out in a minute, all doubts have surely been cleared that the device is a huge success and perhaps the beginning of a new era for the smartphone company, NOKIA. DON’T MISS: TECHPRODUCTS’ MID-JANUARY TECH DOSE Apparently, going by GFXBench’s report, the NOKIA 6 will not be the last Nokia-branded smartphone lined up ... Read More »