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New Game Alert! ‘gods of china’ by Sandbread 3D

Sandbread 3D, an indigenous (Nigerian) game development company has launched a new game which seem to deviate from the conventional type of games produced in Nigerian. Following the footsteps of Kuluya games, Sandbread 3D aims to produce very high quality games for their audience.

'gods of china'

‘gods of china’

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‘gods of china’ is the newest and first game to be launched by the company and it is on, selling for the sum of $8 only. The game setting features a city in the United States called China town, and the player is bundled with a responsibility to invade this town, killing the perceived enemies.

'gods of china'

‘gods of china’

Speaking on the game, founder of Sandbread 3D games, Angel Christian Timmy says, “’gods of china’ is a sort of deviation from the norms when it comes to games in Nigeria. It would be fair to say that it is one of the most creative games to have come from a Nigerian development company, with respect to others”.

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Storyline: Alien impact destroyed the iconic Chinatown and its inhabitants. This great glory of the cosmos that was once inhabited by the loveliest people on earth had become the witness of man’s loss in the universe wars. It undoubtedly became the war ground for mongers and killer players and it would have been a solemn exploitable monuments and museum except for the gods mounting guards and keeping watch over the now lost city.


So would you try the game out and let us know your thoughts.

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