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Reasons Why Free Apps Are Not That Free Afterall

“Awuff” is the order of the day in the Nigerian setting. The consciousness we have gets on a whole new level when we hear or notice something is free. This also applies to the app world. Most of us search for only free apps to download. If a survey is taken, I can assure you that at least 70% of ... Read More »

New Game Alert! ‘gods of china’ by Sandbread 3D

'gods of china'

Sandbread 3D, an indigenous (Nigerian) game development company has launched a new game which seem to deviate from the conventional type of games produced in Nigerian. Following the footsteps of Kuluya games, Sandbread 3D aims to produce very high quality games for their audience. READ MORE: Monkey Post, New Game From ChopUp Coming Soon ‘gods of china’ is the newest and ... Read More »

Somali Welcomes First On-Demand Taxi Hailing Service

Taxi apps, ride-hailing services, taxi-hailing services, you’re getting my gist, right? The rise of taxi apps has been astonishing. MUST READ: Oga Taxi Unveils New App; Gets Incorporated With Splyt Global Roaming API When we thought we’d have a short break from taxi apps and the accolade surrounding it, Somalia stepped up its game by launching its very first on-demand taxi ... Read More »

#Paylater5mins: 5mins is Paylater’s New Time Of Disbursing Loans

Not long ago, Paylater introduced a new feature ‘Paylater Plus’ which allows you borrow up to NGN500,000. Now, Paylater has a better and more interesting feature, – quicker access to approved loans- which implies a customer doesn’t have to wait long for the credit alert. You know that anxious feeling you get anytime you’re waiting for a credit alert from ... Read More »

Twitter Releases ‘Lite’ App To Attract More Users

Twitter CEO account suspended, Jack dorsey

Already sinking social platform, Twitter, might have found a saving grace to keep them in good terms with their already established users, and to help bring in more new users to register on their platform. Just that the keyword here is ‘might’. READ MORE: Three(3) Reasons You Should Shop Online (E-Commerce), Rather Than Offline You would agree with me that one ... Read More »

Meet The “Keep The Change Bruh” Web App

Keep the change bruh

So I’m sure you all heard the twitter story about a certain @pabloayodeji who took a girl on a date, and after the girl refused his proposal, he took to twitter to rant and call her a ‘broke bitch’. This same girl upon seeing his rants, took a bold step and refunded N5000 to him even when he spent just ... Read More »

Say Hello To Ushahidi’s New App

A technology company based in Nairobi, Ushahidi recently announced the launch of an app which enables gathering of reports by anyone anywhere and anytime. The app is supported on only the Android and iOS platforms. Ushahidi was started operations  in 2008 in order to empower people to voice out their opinions and bettering the audience-organization information exchange chain by providing ... Read More »

Oga Taxi Unveils New App; Gets Incorporated With Splyt Global Roaming API

From the look of things, taxi apps seem to be the trending talk in town. From Uber to Taxify to Tule Taxi, the list goes on and on and on. The taxi app that’s hot on the lips at the moment is “Oga Taxi”. Oga Taxi is an app that concentrates on transporting passengers in Nigeria. It recently launched a ... Read More »

New Name And New Features For TECNO’s Boom Player

Popular mobile phone manufacturer TECNO does not have its success limited to production of smartphones only but has achieved profound success in Boom Player, a music download and streaming platform. Well, Boom Player now has now been updated with fresh features by TECNO and now has a new name. Containing good music from Africa’s best as well as promising young ... Read More »

Now, You Can Get A Loan Of ₦500,000 with Paylater Plus

Have you ever heard or come across Paylater? Just kidding, I’m sure you must have. Well, as we all know, Paylater is a startup in Nigeria that allows its customers secure trouble-free quick loans. Good news is that just like good services get updated by adding more mouth-watering features, Pay Later has also upgraded. The updated feature about Paylater is ... Read More »