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Blackberry Releases Its BBM Enterprise Software Development Kit (SDK)

Blackberry never make smartphone again

Blackberry has announced it is making available to developers its software development kit (SDK). With the SDK, developers will be able to integrate secure messaging, voice and video capabilities into applications and services. It also marks the entrance of Blackberry into the Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) market. Read more: Blackberry Looks To Ford Self-Driving Cars To Resume World Domination In ... Read More »

Google Introduces Offline Mode For Google Search Android App

Google teaching nigerians how to code for android applications

Google has been trying lately to be innovative – not as innovative as Facebook though – hoping they would increase their fan base – I don’t know how much they might want to increase it to, because it all seems like there’s no more increase for them. Google might have reached their peak already. Read more; How To Stop Seeing Pornographic ... Read More »


Hello everyone, ardent readers, followers, guests, tech-lovers, tech-addicts, tech critics and anything tech related. Happy First Month of the year 2017! YAAAAAY! We made it! Trust we all had a fantastic 2016. 2016 was a fantastic year for us all at and as such, we have promised to make 2017 much bigger and better for us, for YOU! ... Read More »

Instagram To Commence Display Of Adverts Between Stories

Just days after Facebook announces that it would start showing Ads in every video published on its platform (Read it HERE), Instagram, also in a bid to increase income have developed a technique to spread Advert reach on its platform too. It is becoming very glaring that Tech and social media companies are going all out to make money this ... Read More »

Reviewing The iTel S11 – Affordable, Mid-range And Reliable

  The 2 months old iTel S11 is currently one of the cheapest Android phone in Nigeria smartphone market. The device comes with some awesome specs that will be highlighted as you read on. The affordability of this device, even though it is somewhat midrange, is one thing that could be called an edge over other devices with similar specifications. ... Read More »

Top Four (4) Best Nigerian Android Games To Play In 2017

Sambisa Assault

Welcome to 2017 everyone, and from the look of things, it appears to be a good year – better than the last. I have compiled a list of android games which you can play of course in the year 2017. These games are interesting and strictly Nigerian. Have you ever played a game and wished it had a Nigerian feel? ... Read More »

5 Best Movie Streaming/Download Apps For Android Device

Are you an Android OS user? Do you occasionally get bored using your Android device or Smartphone? Are you a movie lover? Or not? Did you answer Yes to a large portion of the question? Then this article was definitely concocted for you! Just read on. Movies are undoubtedly the best potion to boredom strike hours or periods. Having a long ... Read More »

Super Mario Run To Be Released On Android Very Soon

Super Mario run

So Nintendo released the super Mario run some weeks ago but it was disappointing for android users as it only was supported on the iOS platform. Maybe they were not disappointed anymore after seeing the very poor reviews which trailed the game coupled with the one-star ratings it received. Read more; Super Mario Run Breaks Pokémon Go’s App Store Record Now ... Read More »

WhatsApp To Release “Message Recall” Feature Before 2017

The number one and most popular mobile messaging app on the surface of the earth is in the news again. Just when we thought we won’t get anything new or spectacular anymore from WhatsApp until the New Year, the messaging company is out to surprise us again. This time around, with a “Message Recall” feature in the next update to ... Read More »

Iran Bans Popular Game ‘Clash Of Clans’ For Promoting “Violence, Tribal Wars”

Clash of clans

Even though I haven’t played the popular game, clash of clans before, I can as well decipher through the name that it would involve some form of clashes, say fightings and wars, but they are not the first of their kind. A lot of other games have involved more scary actions that clash of clans might possess, so I don’t ... Read More »