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Meet Stone V3: World’s First Triple Sim Rugged Device

How many Sim cards do you have? One? Two? Three? Look no more, as you might have just found the right phone you need to accomodate all of them. Permit me to welcome you to the first triple Sim rugged device – the Stone V3.

Stone V3 tripled Sim rigged smartphone

Stone V3 tripled Sim rigged smartphone

The first thing you might want us to talk to you about aside the triple Sim support is that the stone V3 is water and dust resistant. While you should know at this point that it is a very rugged phone. Though can be used by everyone, it may be best suitable for military uses.

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Another plus is the fact that it runs on an Android Operating System, and features a 2 MP camera too. The Stone V3 rugged device also has supports for a total of 15 languages.



1.       Upgrade to IP68 water-proof dust-proof

2.       Triple SIM support, triple standby

3.       2MP camera

4.       Imported earphone and microphone from South Korea

5.       Aerospace rubber exterior

6.       Bigger keyboard, friendly UI, bigger font

7.       Brand-new back cover design

8.       Improved BOX speaker, louder volume

9.       Support for 15 languages

10.      Android OS.


Now, on the price, the Stone V3 device sells for just $19.99 (7,996). Why I think this phone would have an upper hand amongst many others is not beyond this point. There are even a lot of other normal feature phones that cost as much as this. Now, tell me your pick between the Stone V3 and others especially with what it is offering you.


I’m waiting.

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