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Meet LARA: AI System That Assists You With Transportation Directions To Anywhere

Lara is an artificial intelligence system that assists users to get from one point to another by providing detailed, text-based, step-by-step directions and accurate fare estimates.

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You would agree with me that in most developing countries, like Nigeria, transportation is not really a smooth activity as it is in many developed ones. This might be due to the absence of a clear cut and very detailed map that cuts across the entire country.

Lara has a cleverly designed User Interface that looks like the popular chat app, WhatsApp,  where users are compelled to discuss with Lara as they would with any other human. This provides an interactive experience for users.

A chat with Lara AI

A chat with Lara AI

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The creators of Lara include Sam Odeloye who is the CEO, Nnamdi Nwanze (CTO) and Ladi Ojora (COO). In a bid to make the app functional, they had to create a systematic approach to collecting data, sorting and delivering it to users in a format that’s easily accessible and interactive.

According to Ladi Ojora, “Soon she would also be available on Facebook Messenger because easy accessibility to her users is major priority for Lara,”

Lara is a very unique app as it possesses a sort of local feel that just seem like a real person is describing the direction to you. Its only limitation presently is that it does not have the data of some places YET. Because when I tried asking for directions in Ilorin from the artificial intelligence app, I got the following reply: “You are searching for locations outside my current capabilities. We are adding locations soon. Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll let you know where we go next.”

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We hope its reach is expanded as soon as possible to make this very useful AI available to everyone. Chat with Lara HERE and let us know your thoughts about her.

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