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Meet GlamAfric: Finding Beauty And Wellness Professionals Near You Is Now Easy

If I was asked today to name one of those industries that is on the rise in terms of patronage, then I’d not hesitate to name the beauty and makeup industry. The upward surge this industry has experienced in recent times in second to none.

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This is why I would not be surprised if very creative entrepreneurs make valid use of this opportunity and take bold steps to bring out the potentials in it. Almost all the females I know use makeup, and want to look beautiful too. Even the “churchy” ones are not left out in this case.



Let me introduce to you, GlamAfric, which is a marketplace designated to help transform Beauty & Wellness experiences by making the process of finding and booking appointments simple, fast and available to Africans both at home and in diaspora.

Created and run by Chika Uzor and his team, GlamAfric also offers professionals with a back-office solution that helps manage their bookings, calendars, customer email/SMS communication, and customer data and a dashboard which provides reporting and basic analytics among many other features.

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To make use of GlamAfric, all a Business owner needs to do is to register on the platform and they are good to go. But on the other hand, a customer would is in need of a Beauty and Wellness professional would need to visit the platform, choose a preferred location, view profiles of these professionals and then book an appointment with their choice.

Surfing through different social platforms like whatsapp, instagram, Facebook, one would surely find brands and individuals that are involved in offering beauty and wellness services. It is just the best step that GlamAfric has taken by bringing all of these people under one roof.

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This would give them a better customer base, and also save the customers the stress of searching through all social platforms they are on just to get a beauty and wellness professional. They would just visit GlamAfric and the rest would be history.

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