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Ogun State To House Main One’s Data Centre

Main One, one of the leading telecom services and network solutions for enterprises in the Western region of Africa is on the verge of constructing a data centre in the South Western region of Nigeria, Ogun State. Main One provides world class solutions to the West African region. The news about the plan to construct a data centre by Main ... Read More »

OFFICIAL: Computer Village Will Be Relocated By LASG

The popular gadget community, Computer Village will be relocated by the Lagos State Government (LASG). Computer Village will now be moved to ICT Park, Katangowa, Agbado. This was announced during the 2017 Press Briefing held today. The decision was made as part of the plans to transform the central economic city in Nigeria to a mega city. Computer Village is ... Read More » Launched To Give Business Resolutions

Provided that human wants are insatiable, there’s bound to be complaints from customers about a company’s product or service. It is a business norm for customers to be unsatisfied with a company’s product or service; how the company addresses such issues is one of the key determinants of the company’s customer base. Sometimes, the company addresses the issue in their ... Read More »

Jumia Lost €60.2 million In Revenue In 2016

According to Rocket Internet’s recent financial report for 2016, Jumia lost €60.2 million in revenue. Jumia, Africa’s leading e-commerce giant is an ecosystem of e-commerce, marketplace, websites and applications. The company is most notable for its e-commerce prowess which makes it one of the leading online stores in Africa. Rocket Internet can be called the “Father of Jumia” because Jumia ... Read More »

FINALLY! Airtel To Rollout 4G LTE Services

Airtel 4G

After the rollout of 4G LTE network in Nigeria, by the leading telcos, MTN Globacom and etisalat, the questions on people’s lips was all revolving about if Airtel would also launch the 4G LTE, and when they would do that. At a point, we thought there’d be no Airtel 4G at all. Not to also mention that they were the ... Read More »

Eight (8) (Everything) You Need To Know about Jumia Mobile Week 2017

Jumia Mobile Week

The Jumia Mobile week is here again to offer you exclusive deals on smartphones and stuff, so in case you have not heard anything about it, or you have and do not understand what they were talking about, or you want to know more about it, then we have come to your aid and compiled eight things, which could pass ... Read More »

Forget Yaba: This Politician Wants To Build A Tech Hub In Another Part Of Lagos

Ojodu area of Lagos. Is an "Ojoducon valley" possible?

A campaign flier for a young politician by the name Adebola Mayowa running for Ojodu Local Council Development Area (LCDA) chairman has been flying around very recently, and what caught the interest of techies most in his “10 points agenda” is his interest or his campaign promise of building a tech hub around the Ojodu area of Lagos. READ MORE: List ... Read More »

Killimall To Host Mobile Week In Nigeria

Kilimall Mobile week

Killimall, an ecommerce platform with major dominance in the East of Africa, competing with the likes of Jumia in the region has decided to extend its tentacles to Nigeria by preparing to host its own Mobile week just like Jumia is about to. READ MORE: JUMIA Delivery Man Murdered In Port Harcourt In Kenya, Kilimall rose to a prominent status ... Read More »

AfriOne Launches First Smartphone Assembly Plant In Nigeria

AfriOne Logo

In the past few quarters, there has been an upward surge in the clamor for made in Nigeria goods, which was inspired by the dwindling value of the naira against the united states dollars. I guess some of these calls have been answered. READ MORE: Huawei Honor 8 Pro Price In Nigeria, Europe, Specifications And Review AfriOne Limited has launched ... Read More »

Nigeria, A Current Target Of Cyber Attacks – Cyber Security Experts

Stealing online information

If reports by the Cyber Security Experts Association of Nigeria (CSEAN) are to be taken any seriously, then our dear country, Nigeria, is currently vulnerable to cyber attacks. This might not be too surprising given the lackluster attitudes displayed by most citizens. READ MORE: LinkedIn Accounts Sold On Online Black Market By Hackers The association in a statement made it known ... Read More »