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“iphone7’s Camera Is As Good As A Movie Camera”

Well, Apple has released a new video ad and here, other made a claim that a lot of people would disagree with in its entirety. Apple has said that “Your movies look like movies on the iPhone 7”. To me, this is a sort of disrespect to movie cameras, excluding some certain nollywood movies of course.

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In the romeo and Juliet ad which reenacts Act II, Scene II of Shakespeare’s masterwork and in which Apple also ensured that all the roles were played by children, Apple implied that the whole scene was shot on the iPhone 7 — suggesting that the iPhone 7’s video camera is just as good as the expensive movie cameras of this world — They took into consideration the bokeh effect, the P3 color profile, and the low light shadow details on the iPhone 7.

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Iphone7 camera

It could be true that the camera on the iPhone has developed such a reputation for excellence that it’s one of the device’s central selling points. It might also be worth upgrading to a new phone just to get the latest and greatest camera. After a week of rigorous shooting before launching, one thing was totally clear: the iPhone 7 has a damn fine phone camera that’s the best you can buy right now.

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Despite the above, I still want to say that as valuable, clear or clean the camera could be, it still shouldn’t be compared with movie cameras except if they are comparing it to the camera used in some Nigerian movies like “the palace hunter” – i’m pretty sure a movie with that name exists – because to me, AY’s “30 days in atlanta” could stand shoulder to shoulder with this device’s camera quality – my opinion though.


Of course, I am not in any way trying to write off the iPhone 7 camera except if I applied sentiments to my thoughts. It is an excellent camera as The iPhone 7 is the first Apple handset to have RAW shooting powers. This format has a larger file size than your average JPEG because it stores a lot more data—specifically unprocessed/lightly processed light data—which means it’s easier to fix a bad photo after the fact. And when you convert a RAW file into a smaller JPEG (after processing it in Photoshop) it is still often of higher quality than the JPEG quickly produced on the fly by a phone.

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Still on my initial argument, you might not take my word for it, but please take these words below from, “If you’re a photographer who for some reason hopes that shooting RAW would finally let an iPhone compete with a DSLR or high-quality mirrorless camera, then apologies, that is not the case. It’s clear in this quick head-to-head comparison between the iPhone 7 and the $700 Olympus OM-D E-M10 II with a 12-40mm zoom lens that smartphones can’t really keep up. Shooting the same subject with the same lighting, and both devices set on the same table, the images came out substantially different. Try as I might I could not replicate the Olympus image with the iPhone.”

So, what are your thoughts?

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