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iPhone Users To Lose All Personal Data By April 7th Unless…

So while Apple iPhone users have been receiving some good news, like the Apple RED iPhone they just launched, they have also just been hit with another one – and its very bad. One might be forced to confess that with its recent surge and attacks on Yahoo and their likes, Hackers are truly here to stay.

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And these hackers are not joking as they are willing to go places and do the unthinkable just to get what they want. And one very pronounced problem is, sometimes, one cannot really ascertain if their threats hold any water until they carry it out, and when they do, it’d be brutal.

Stealing online information

Stealing online information

Well, it so happens that one of the biggest phone makers in the industry happens to be the victim in this case as a group of hackers that identified themselves as “Turkish crime Family”  have given them until April 7 to meet their demands or have the data of millions of iPhone users remotely deleted.

If the claim of these hackers are to be taken any seriously, then they have access to 559 million Apple email and iCloud accounts and have demanded that Apple pays $75,000 in bitcoin or ether, (cryptocurrencies) or $100,000 worth of iTunes gift cards.

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The hackers who have been in conversation with news site, Motherboard, reportedly shared screenshots of emails between them and the Apple security team.  The hackers also uploaded a YouTube video of them supposedly logging into some of the stolen accounts

“I just want my money and thought this would be an interesting report that a lot of Apple customers would be interested in reading and hearing,” one of the hackers told Motherboard.

Two things comes to mind in this case. Do these hackers really have the information they claim to have or are they bluffing. Apple had to choose which one to believe and I guess they have done that already.

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Apple has however reassured customers that its systems have not been breached and that the stolen account information may have been gotten from previously compromised third -party services.  They are also working to prevent unauthorized access to user accounts and apprehend the criminals.

Well, maybe Apple would pay the random, maybe they won’t. We would know the real story by April 7th.

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