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iPhone 7 Unit Catches Fire, Destroys Vehicle

Over here, I am beginning to think the “thing” that is doing Samsung, Note 7 to be specific has now somehow found its way to the stronghold of Apple, and this time, the much talked about iPhone 7 took the hit. It boggles my mind why this year’s much anticipated smaetphones from both industry giants were not allowed to be worth the wait.

According to reports, an iPhone 7 unit which was in a car, exploded and destroyed the car in the process. One Mat Jones drove down to the beach for a surfing lesson and left his 7-day-old iPhone 7 to chill in the car, covered under Mr. Jones’ clothes. Upon returning to his vehicle, the surfer found it to be filled with black smoke. It was extremely hot inside and his clothes, together with a huge portion of his car’s interior, had burned up. Apparently, the iPhone 7, which was resting inside the car is to blame.

IPhone 7 catches fire, destroys car

IPhone 7 catches fire, destroys car

The user insists that the phone hasn’t been mechanically hit or dropped over the week of ownership and that only stock Apple accessories were used for charging. Apple has said that it is aware of the incident and is investigating, but hasn’t commented any further.

If situations surrounding the explosions were to be critically looked at, one might want to conclude that excessive heat caused the explosion, given that he went surfing – the weather should be hot by this time – and the phone was locked up in the car. But then, on another note, the phone was not hit by direct sunlight as it was covered under the owner’s clothes so excessive heat as a possible cause, should be discarded.

This ugly incident has left Mr. Jones without both a phone and a car.

The iPhone destroyed the car as it burst into flames

The iPhone destroyed the car as it burst into flames

This is the second time we hear of an iPhone 7 spontaneously combusting – even an iphone 6S has taken a hit before – though, the first incident was obviously caused by heavy mechanical damage to the phone, which caused the battery to go boom. So, no reason to panic just yet, but it would be smart to wait out the investigation if you haven’t bought an iPhone 7 just yet.

Given the Galaxy Note 7 tragedy, I would not want to think what I think Samsung is thinking right now. But I know if possible, Apple’s direct competitors would appeal to whoever might be behind this to let Apple have a fair share of the bitter cake they had too.

Remains of the iPhone 7

Remains of the iPhone 7

Conclusively, even if the iPhone cases are not pronounced or as much as the Note 7 cases – they might be soon enough, who knows – what do you think might be behind these explosions. Could it be that a recent technology they upgraded to might not be compatible? I don’t even know what you think anymore. Let’s hear you.

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