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iPhone 7 Plus Smartphone Catches Fire


Just when we thought the spirit of exploding devices are gone for good, only to discover that they only jumped ship from Samsung to Apple, they’re never going anywhere. Where they’ll visit after this is unknown to us.

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Bringing back not too good memories of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone debacle, there are reports of an iPhone 7 plus developing fault and catching fire while it was not even in use.

According to a Twitter user— Brianna Olivas—her rose gold iPhone 7 Plus caught fire while sitting on a dresser. She released the video and it has garnered more than 22,000 retweets. The video showed smoke pouring out of one side of the iPhone and the case melting away.

Exploding iPhone 7 Plus

Exploding iPhone 7 Plus

If my brain still serves me right, during the Note 7 debacle, when series of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone were going off in explosions, we can recall that in one or two occasions, two iPhone units also exploded – I think and iPhone 7 and an iPhone 6S. It goes to show that no smartphone unit is safe, as there’s always a tendency to explode.

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Apparently, the phone developed a fault — it wouldn’t turn on— but she visited the Apple store to get it fixed. According to her, the Sprint employee said her phone “looked weird when it turned on,” but they ran some tests and told her everything was fine.

How does a smartphone that “looked weird when it turned on” becomes fine after tests were ran. If I was to judge this, then I’d say that the employee at the Apple store didn’t want to do too much work, which led him to gamble this away.

The next morning she discovered that all wasn’t well and her smartphone was actually “weird”.

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Meanwhile, Apple has replaced her phone and are currently running tests to figure out what went wrong. Well, I expected them to actually do more than just replace her phone. I expected they’ll pay compensation for bodily and property damage – if any. Because no one wants bad publicity at this point in time. If anyone does, its definitely NOT Apple. You want to know why? Look down…



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