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Samsung Galaxy On8 Full Specifications, Review And Price

Have you been on the lookout for a Samsung Galaxy On8 review? Well, you just found yourself on the right page. Just as a brief introduction, devices in the Samsung Galaxy On Series are well known providing nice features and specifications all for a reasonably affordable price. Now Samsung have launched the flagship of On Series device, the Samsung Galaxy On8. ... Read More »

UMI PLUS E – The 6GB RAM BEAST- Full Specifications, Review & Price In Nigeria, Ghana And Kenya

As well known, Umi is a China-based globally known electronic and technology service provider that have established presence in places like Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Africa. Umi have also been known to be fully committed and dedicated in its entirety to delivering unmatched and outstanding devices and services to its customers which is quite evident with the type of ... Read More »

MOZILLA Changes Brand Identity – Unveils New Logo

MOZILLA, the non-profit oriented organization in charge of maintaining the Firefox browser has undergone a significant renovation that seem to be an all-round turnaround of the company – for the better of course. The changes goes round almost everything; their logo, font, color palette, language architecture, and even imagery. Of the most outstanding change is the change in the company’s ... Read More »

UHANS U300: Waterproof and Dustproof 4G Phablet Review, Specifications And Price

Firstly, before anything, allow me to briefly do an introduction of this lovely smartphone manufacturer. UHANS is a Chinese phone manufacturer company that have a lot of lovely and premium devices to their name. The company has made quite a lot of smartphones available in the Chinese smartphone market and also globally in the previous year. They have also had ... Read More »

“The Main Cause Of Galaxy Note 7 Explosions”

$100 discount Samsung devices Note 7

There has been sure a lot of speculations, even from when it all started, about what exactly might have been the cause of the persistent Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosions. Many people opined various reasons which they think could be the culprit, part of which were the battery – which took the highest suspicion – and some others. Read more: Samsung To ... Read More »

Check Out Leaked Specifications Of The Upcoming Infinix Note 4 & Note 4 Pro

  Infinix Note 4 / Pro Full Specifications, Reviews, Features & Price, Where To Buy Infinix Note 4 In Nigeria, Kenya, India, Pakistan, UAE, Ghana & Egypt. 2017 so far has been a silent year for Infinix Mobility. However, it seems they will be breaking that jinx soon as details and specifications about two upcoming devices from their strongbox, Infinix ... Read More »

BLUBOO Edge Full Specifications, Review And Price In Nigeria, Kenya And Ghana

Bluboo, a renowned Chinese smartphone manufacturer seem not to be giving up on their determind game and mindset of having their feet rigged firmly in the Chinese market and global smartphone market at large. Bluboo have made quite a number of durable, good looking and top notch smartphones in the past. Amazing devices like the Bluboo Picasso, Bluboo Maya, Bluboo ... Read More »

InnJoo F5 Pro Tablet Full Specifications, Review & Price In Nigeria, Kenya And Ghana

Hey there people! The device up for review today is a brand new tablet device from the stables of Injoo Mobile; the Injoo F5 Pro. However, before moving on, I’d love to ask a question. Just for clarity purpose, what’s your idea of a “Pro” device? When a device has a Pro suffix to its end, what idea do you have ... Read More »

Umi Z Full Specifications, Reviews And Price In Nigeria, Kenya And Ghana

With 2017 still in it’s early and young stage, smartphone brands have decided not to waste much time in releasing and unveiling flagship devices. The latest of such brands is Chinese smartphone company, UMi. The flagship device released by UMi is the UMi Z smartphone. The UMi Z is a 2017 flagship smartphone from UMi. It has some super cool and ... Read More »

Yahoo’s Scub After Verizon Sale To Be Renamed “Altaba”

Former leading search engine giants, Yahoo! seem to have finally fallen apart! Just right after successful completion of the sale of a significant part of the company to Verizon, a whole lot of changes seem imminent… one of which have been announced already – a change of name of the remaining part of the company that was not acquired by Verizon. ... Read More »