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Construction Of Africa-America Cable Begins

The South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) has undergone a successful marine survey indicating that work can start fully on the cable system construction. The cable system is to serve the function of connecting the East coast of Africa with America. READ MORE: Country With The Fastest Mobile Internet Connection The South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) alias Angola-Brazil Cable –if completed- will ... Read More »

Showcase Of Innovations At Facebook Event, F8

Social media giant Facebook holds a developer conference annually called F8. The conference is a platform for Facebook to share its new products and services with its wide array of users. F8 is also a platform for developers across the globe to showcase their products. DON’T MISS THIS: Microsoft’s Edge Browser, Most Hacked At Pwn20wn 2017 Hacking Event The event had ... Read More » Launched To Give Business Resolutions

Provided that human wants are insatiable, there’s bound to be complaints from customers about a company’s product or service. It is a business norm for customers to be unsatisfied with a company’s product or service; how the company addresses such issues is one of the key determinants of the company’s customer base. Sometimes, the company addresses the issue in their ... Read More »

Top Ten (10) Breakthroughs In The World’s Technology

Breakthroughs in technology

No doubt, technology has made immense contribution to our daily life right from the very beginning till today, which is why I bring to you ten (10) technology breakthroughs we have ever witnessed. Just stay with me. The emergence of smartphones In the year 1999, a firm with its base in Japan, NTT DoCoMo, released the first smartphones to witness ... Read More »

Cameroon Internet Now Back To Live, But…

At first, I thought we were getting to 100 days, we would have made a special post for it. Recall that we made a post about the internet shut down in Anglophone speaking parts of Cameroon after the inhabitants of that place held a protest. In this post, we also took a look at the effects of the internet shut ... Read More »

At What Age Did You Use Your First Phone? See When Bill Gates’ Kids Did

Bill Gates plans to lauch chicken foundation to African communities to end poverty

When you see the likes of Bill gates, doing great things in the tech world, what else can you imagine than their homes being the home of all kind of technology gadgets you can always think of. But this is not so in majority of cases, like Bill Gates’. READ MORE: Bill Gates Thinks Robots Should Pay Taxes Bill Gates ... Read More »

Liquid Telecom Partners Intelsat In A New Broadband Deal

Liquid Telecoms are now doing everything in their capacity to upgrade. Recently, the company acquired Neotel, afterwards, the company appointed two new executives. Now, the company has linked up with Intelsat SA to agree a deal that will see them integrate high-performance EpicNG satellite into the Liquid Telecom Network. FEATURED: Liquid Telecom Appoints Two New Neotel Executives The statement released by ... Read More »

Nigerian Man In The US To Face 20 Years Imprisonment For $6.5 million Wire Fraud

A Nigerian, Obinna Obioha living in the United States, who is 31 years of age is facing a 20-year imprisonment in the United States for stealing around US$ 6.5 million, from American companies severally. The amount was stolen via wire fraud. READ MORE: Smartphones Sold At $4: Owner Of Tech Firm Arrested For Fraud Reports have it that Obioha and his ... Read More »

Federal Government Of Nigeria Rebuffs Wiretap Allegations

We all have a certain sense of security alert when it comes to our devices and its functions; this is why most of us set passwords, PINs and security codes on our devices. Even when you give your device to another individual to make use of it and you find out the individual is going to confidential places on your ... Read More »

Seven (7) Reasons You Should Have A Feature Phone (Along With Your Smartphone)

Nokia 150 price and review in Nigeria

Have you come across people who own a smartphone and you still see them with a feature phone as well? The reason might not be far fetched as owning those two phones might be doing them a whole lot of favor, as well as making life very easy for them, and their smartphones too. Feature phones are considerably cheaper than ... Read More »