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Instagram To Enable Booking Appointments With Businesses Soon

So it seems like the owners of both whatsapp and instagram mean actual business when it comes to making their platforms the surest bet for businesses. I am saying this because very recently, whatsapp had announces that they would soon allow businesses have customer care lines on whatsapp, which would actually be a great idea, except for spam which they ... Read More »

Super mCharge Charges Battery To 100% In 18 Minutes


I said in an earlier post that ‘technology surely has no limit’ if we are to look at it critically, and this post would do nothing less than emphasizing that same point. Meizu has in the real sense of the word, shocked the whole world when it announced Super mCharge technology at MWM2017. All things been equal, if I were ... Read More »

Microsoft’s Edge Browser, Most Hacked At Pwn20wn 2017 Hacking Event

Microsoft Edge

I believe the issue of security should be taken pretty or very serious when it comes to applications that can obtain users details. I guess with this report you are about to read, it is obvious that Microsoft has not really taken it seriously, but Big daddy Google sure has. READ MORE: “Microsoft To Become The First Trillion Dollar Company” At ... Read More »

DID YOU KNOW: A Smartphone Can Now Test Sperm Quality

Just the moment when you think technology has reached its absolute peak, you’d surely get one more thing that pushes beyond limits and set another standard for some others to beat. In absolute terms, i am inclined to infer that technology has no limits. You’d know why in a little time. READ MORE: Huawei P10 Lite Price In Nigeria, Full Specs ... Read More »

Long Lasting Battery | Great Camera | Large Display | Big RAM: Which Do You Prefer?

Just as our names, faces and fingerprints are different, so are our preferences. You ask five people ‘what do you prefer to be the main feature on your smartphone? Long lasting battery, very good camera, a big sized RAM, big display e.t.c”. I’m sure you would get very different answers, some even combining two or more features. Its normal for ... Read More »

Nokia 6 Smartphone Design Has Been Patented

Image of phone from patent filing...

HMD Global, the company which has the license for producing Nokia phones for some more years to come has patented the design of the NOKIA 6 smartphone. This, they might have done because of its widespread popularity and acceptance by the smartphone industry. Recall that upon release, the Nokia 6 smartphone sold out in less than a minute. READ MORE: VERY DURABLE! ... Read More »

Top 2017 Smartphones With The Best Battery Life

Fully charged battery

On a personal note, when shopping for a phone to buy or ‘browse shop’, one very important thing I look out for is the battery capacity. It is no doubt that a phone’so battery capacity can dictate the life span of a phone, how long it will survive in the rugged or soft hands of the user. A higher battery ... Read More »

Nokia Owns The Alcatel Brand Till 2024

Nokia acquire Alcatel Lucent

Alcatel (previously Alcatel OneTouch) is a brand of mobile handsets used under license by Chinese electronics company TCL Corporation has been acquired by Nokia – or was acquired by Nokia in 2016. Just that the details wasn’t clear then. Not it is. READ MORE: Partner Mobile E15 Price In Nigeria, Full Specs And Review Before now, the Nokia brand was licensed ... Read More »

Wireless Headphone Explodes On Woman’s Head While Asleep

Headphones explode on woman while asleep

Now, I’m getting scared already thinking that 2016 would have a repeat of itself in this year. Recall that series of explosions occurred via the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone last year, making them recall the device twice. After then, we witnessed some cases of iPhone explosions too. But today, a less suspectable piece has exploded. READ MORE: Partner Mobile PS2 Price In ... Read More »

Country With The Fastest Mobile Internet Connection

Etisalat Nigeria 4G LTE launched

In OpenSignal’s latest look at overall speeds around the world, they found that speeds are steadily on the rise as LTE continues to displace 3G. Even in Nigeria, one cannot deny the fact that very recently, the 4G LTE network has been on a rapid upward spiral. A whole lot of smartphones newly released do support the 4G network. This ... Read More »