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Huawei Looking To Top SA’s Smartphone Market

Setting and achieving goals means progress for every successful business right? Well, Huawei has now set a target of theirs and that is to reach the top two positions of the smartphone market in South Africa.

Internationally, the company is on the number 3 spot, and in 2016, 139 million units of its consumer division were shipped. Also last year, their consumer division yielded a massive US $25.9bn.

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Well, the focal point of Huawei in Africa is South Africa; one major reason Huawei is looking to top the smartphone chart in the country. The company’s Mate Series and P Series were the driving forces behind the company’s 2015-2016 year-on-year growth rate of 87%; the company seeks to build on this success rate.

In Johannesburg yesterday, General Manager of the Huawei Consumer Business Group South Africa, Zhao Likun said leveraging its incorporated product development process, channel partnerships and incorporated supply chain will be the company’s key strategy in getting the top slot.

“For the first time, we will start to pre-order with our partners and we will also look at incentives for early subscribers,” added Likun.

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Likun stated that the company’s objectives are to savoir-faire critical consumer requirements which vary from better camera quality –meaning superb photo quality- faster processors, lengthy battery life and enhanced phone performance. Likun stated this while using the latest Huawei flagship smartphones as references –P10 and P10 plus- which he said will be available in South African stores in four weeks time.

“We will also expand into wearable devices, even to laptops,” Likun added.

Now that every smartphone out there wants to/is boasting of having 4G, Huawei looks to upping their game by looking closely at the potential launch of 5G. Huawei also seeks to assist operators in migrating from 3G to 4G; and also looking closely at the ever-rising technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The company then laid more emphasis on the impressive features of their latest flagship phones which comprises of the fast and safe charging capacity, Kirin 960 processor, LTE Quad Antenna for improved Wi-Fi functionality and accurate 3D facial detection.

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