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How To Add Your Country Flag To Your Facebook Profile Picture

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First is, do you love your country? Because as situations are presently, I know know a whole lot of people who are definitely not in love with their country. This might be because of economic or political reasons. Read more: Apply For Facebook’s Bots For Messenger Developer Challenge & Win $20,000 But then, there are still a few ones which do. ... Read More »

How To Use ‘Do Not Disturb’ Feature On Android

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I’m pretty sure a lot of you all – like me – must have been in situations where you would have loved to abhor any form of un/necessary disturbance from your android smartphone. For me, this mode could come like once in two years. Read more: How To Start A Facebook Live Video On iOS And Android Well, it seems the ... Read More »

How To Start A Facebook Live Video On iOS And Android

Facebook Live is an innovative and interactive way to share what you’re doing while you are doing it on Facebook – be it an event, a rump or brawl, a race, a make-up tutorial, cycling, swimming and so on. Facebook Live gives you the platform to get that done. Today, we’ll be showingyou how to share live video update on ... Read More »

UNSOLICITED MESSAGES: How To Make Your Telco Pay A N5 Million Fine

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Are you tired of receiving unsolicited messages from your network providers already? Then I guess it is your time to smile as the hated NCC has at long last, come to our rescue. According to the newest update, you can now report any network provider sending unsolicited messages to you as NCC are about to invoke the ‘Do Not Disturb’ ... Read More »

How To Reduce The Size Of Files On iPhone

It is really very agreeable that in this current world of today, mobile devices have become an integral part of human lives. You would also agree with me that they are gradually replacing computers and laptops – though I’m not sure if they totally can. As such, smartphone users tend to keep alot of information, documents and media files on ... Read More »

How To Make Snapchat Use Less Data & Battery On Android

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You would agree totally with me that there is hardly any mobile application which does not have a lasting and tangible effect on its host phone’s battery and data – where applicable. How large the size of an application is could really be a determining factor in all of this, amongst other things. Read more; ‘Hacking’ Snapchat’s Spectacles Is Damn Easy; ... Read More »

How To Stop Seeing Pornographic Contents On Google Search

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Well, I have actually come in contact with certain people whose eyes would have remained a virgin if there was never anything like the internet. The internet is guilty of corrupting their once ‘holy’ eyes. Read more; List Of Top Ten Apps In 2016: Where Does Facebook And Google’s Apps Rank? This might not be totally their fault. You would agree ... Read More »

Reasons You’re Always Seeing Frustrating Captchas Online And How To Bypass Them

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There are many things that could frustrate you while you are surfing the net and trying to access certain sites, but the one that could be most frustrating is when you are repeatedly asked to input “captchas” just so you prove your humanity. Have you ever tried accessing certain web pages – sometimes even Google – only for them to ... Read More »

HOW TO’S: How To Get Apple News On Your iPhone Outside The US

While it is no news itself that iPhone users outside the US are oblivious of the fact that Apple has a dedicated news application Incorporated with iOS platform. However, it is pertinent to state that people in the category in the first sentence are not totally to be blamed as the Apple News App may not appear on their Apple ... Read More »

HOW TO’S: How To Restore Deleted/Lost Contacts On Android

Ever found yourself in a situation where you couldn’t find some or all of your  con tacts on your device? Probably because it got deleted by mistake or on purpose. Now you need a particular contact but you don’t seem to know how to find it? Perhaps you want to reach out to an old friend, contact a relative; cousin, ... Read More »