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Google Unveils ‘Meet’: A New Video Conferencing App

If I love one thing about Google, it is their rugged and dugged way of life, which does not let them accept any thing life gives them even if life, or Facebook does not give them something substantial to hold on to.

If we were to be keeping tabs, it is certain that Google has unofficially unveiled its seventh messaging application, yes, 7th! Let’s count, shall we?

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First, they launched Google Wave in 2009, followed by Google Buzz in 2010 and then the Google+ social networking site with integrated Google Talk, then came Google’s Hangout and the latest ones—Google Allo, Duo, and now Meet.

Meet is Google’s version of Skype for business, unlike Hangout which supports video calls for up to 10 people, Meet supports HD video chat for up to 30 people. However, only a desktop version is available (via that lets users input a code to enter a meeting, not create one– suggesting Google is not yet ready to officially launch the app.

Google Meet

Google Meet

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I don’t know how well ‘Meet’ would compete in the market but the advent of Skype might not even allow them to break into the market at all. How about the introduction of Facebook’s workplace for workers – though that might not have too much reverse effect.

Meet include various other features like dial-in numbers for those who are working out of office, one-click links to join meetings, and integration with Gmail and Calendar.

I don’t think Google’s way is to launch social applications, say instant messaging applications. They have failed to cut it in those areas, and have conceded it to bigger players like whatsapp, Facebook and fast rising IMO.

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Google Allo was offering a ray of home when it hit five (5) million downloads some weeks after its launch, but this hope all faded after it began crawling to Ten (10) million over the next few months. Same with the Google Duo and others like them from Google.

The only one that was a little bit impressive was the Google plus. But then, we do not know if ‘Meet’ would meet expectations (low ones, though) when finally launched. We can only wait and see.

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